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This week’s snippet is from my story in the From Paris with Love Anthology, “Paris Heat.” This week follows immediately after last week’s snippet. Adele finally asks her guest to leave.


Cole Andrew Porter is the nephew of one of America’s Most Wanted men. When his young cousin is caught in the cross hairs and ultimately pays with her life, Cole abandons everything to chase down and eliminate the opposition. His final adversary is hiding in Paris, France, but before he can get the revenge he needs to move on, he is thwarted by the most intriguing woman he has ever met.

Adele Bernard has been given the case of her dreams and finds herself living deep undercover as the maid of the most notorious criminal in France. Over the last two years, she has collected evidence and gained his trust, and she only needs one more piece to the puzzle before she can turn him in to her superiors.

When Cole and Adele collide, nothing can stop the sparks from flying. Will they be blinded by their individual agendas, or will the heat between them be enough to save both of their lives?


I didn’t have the strength to continue arguing, nor did I have a leg to stand on. “Okay, well, thanks for all you did. I would appreciate it if you saw yourself out.”

“Do you have someone you can call to check on you?”

“Yes,” I lied.

“Good. Give me your number so I can call later to check on you.”

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