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Sat SpanksTake 4

2 More Sat Spanks until release day! November 1st my first story will be published and I could not be happier. This story encompasses everything that I love to see in an age play. Emotions, fun, shenanigans, and lotsa discipline. Maren Smith said it best….


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Saturday Spankings Take 3

I have a release date! November 1st my first story will be uploaded to Amazon and everywhere else shortly after. My editors and publisher Twisted Hearts Productions have done wonders and made my story the best it could possibly be. I can not wait for you all to meet Katie and the rest of the family.

I am just going to continue from last week if that is okay. I love this scene. Mark is the best Daddy in the whole wide world.

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Saturday Spankings Take 2

One step closer to having my first book out and being a published author! I still can’t believe it. Twisted Hearts Productions are busting their tails to finish editing. Every update I get, I love the story even more. Okay, so I am going to continue from last week, and from my WIP It Up Wednesday. If you have not read the last two then hop over and check them out.

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My First Saturday Spanking!


My first story is in the final stages of editing with Twisted Hearts Productions and I am so excited. I still can not believe that I am going to be a Published Author! Is this real life? Somebody spank me, please!!! Okay, freak out over, for now at least. Here is the cover, blurb, and excerpt of Adopting Katie. I hope with all of my heart that you enjoy it all.

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