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Learning to Breathe is now LIVE!!!

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Learning to Breathe – A second chance at love story

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Since her husband’s death, Sally Levenson’s life has become dull and monotonous. She’s the county Coroner, and while the dead reveal their secrets on the exam table, she hides from the living. But hiding isn’t working anymore. Sally is trapped in a bland, colorless existence. She can’t breathe! She’s suffocating and wants more, whatever that might be.

When the dark and mysterious Derek Lemark enters her world, he opens doors to new possibilities, reveals dark desires, and challenges her to take a second chance on life. He dares her to breathe again, and promises…more. But what he offers comes at a price.

Sally must choose: take the next step, or speak the one word which will end everything before it even begins.

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“You know that book that you are all into and you can’t turn the pages fast enough? That is this book.” – Amazon Reviewer

“WOW, this story….. I felt my heart pound faster and I couldn’t catch my breath throughout the book.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Have you ever experienced grief? Grief so tremendous it paralyzed you in fear at the thought of moving on? Living day to day going through the motions but knowing there had to be something more? In Learning to Breathe, Ellie Masters tells the captivating story of Sally, a woman who has suffered great loss and has hidden herself from the world, her feelings, and life – and Derek, a confident, rich man who knows exactly what and who he wants. Derek opens Sally’s eyes to new, exciting, sexy and unconventional things. Their relationship taps into passion and hidden desires deep within Sally that she never knew existed. But it all comes at a cost. Will she choose this new life that brings her great pleasure or retreat once again to the familiar, safe, mundane, and unimaginative life she led before? As part of The Collective, Ellie has written a beautiful story with strong characters. I loved this story –a definite must read.” – Amazon reviewer

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The light streaming in from the hallway dimmed and a man’s chuckle drifted to her ears. It did strange things to her insides. Yummy things.

She spun around. “Derek!”

He spread his arms out, welcoming her into his embrace, and his expression was one of wonderment. “My God, you’re stunning.”

Heat filled her cheeks. She was hoping for a good but stunning would do. Then she smiled, shifting her eyes down and to the left. She couldn’t look at him and speak at the same time.

“You look pretty amazing too.” But she did peek, lifting her gaze up to take him in.

Decked out in a tuxedo, the immaculate suit barely contained his muscular frame. Crisp and pressed, the bow tie wrapped snuggly around his neck. He carried himself with ease, as if he’d been born in the elegant attire. Incredibly brilliant blue eyes flashed with mischief.

“You’re staring, Miss Levenson.”

And she was. She couldn’t help herself. He was a magnet, an irresistible force she couldn’t resist, but his words had her lowering her eyes again, as if she didn’t dare stare upon his brilliance.

“Don’t make fun of me,” she said.

He closed the distance, and placed one finger under her chin. Lifting, he forced her to meet his eyes. “I’m not laughing, my dear. I’m simply enjoying the fact I’m not the only one caught breathless. I’ve missed you.”

Derek placed his hands on her bare shoulders, steadying her in the too high heels. Two glasses of wine shouldn’t have her weaving on her feet. Or was that him making her weak in the knees?

He took her lips, smothering her in a kiss, taking her breath, and making it his. Her tiny gasp gave him the opening he needed to slip his tongue inside, and like any other invader, he plundered and ravaged, taking what he desired. She bent before him, conquered by his power and more than willing to sacrifice herself to his need.

Tracing the hardened muscle under his tuxedo became her sole purpose in life. As wonderfully intoxicating as the kiss was, it frightened her because of how uninhibited her response was. It didn’t make sense. While the rational side of her brain said slow down, her hand fluttered, and her fingers gripped the buttons of his shirt, pulling him closer rather than pushing him away.

This was what she wanted. Right? Unrestrained passion? But, she needed to play a little hard to get. Otherwise? How would he ever respect her?

Derek groaned, a deep throaty rumble of desire. The noise made her heart race, or maybe it was the kiss. His tongue darted around her mouth, teasing and tasting. He nibbled her lower lip, eliciting a moan from her, and sucked it into his mouth.

Wine had nothing to do with her knees giving way. Derek wrapped an arm around her waist and held her against him, making her feel safe. He didn’t even break the kiss, continuing the pillage of her mouth. Damn, he had this kissing thing down.


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Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese, Carver Pike
This crossover series is a huge win for all the authors involved. Don’t miss any of the releases. Each book will pull you in, leave you wanting more while you teeter on the edge of your seat with suspense.” AmazonReviewer

We’ve set the stage, created the characters, and fashioned a world full of twists and turns. Now it’s your turn to sit back and immerse yourself in this incredible series. Each episode weaves the characters and storylines of five standalone novels together to give you an epic crossover series. We’ve left you breadcrumbs, tidbits of information intertwined throughout our stories. Can you find them? Can you collect the clues we’ve left behind? Will you become part of The Collective and help solve the case?

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*Release Schedule and Series order
Episodes 1 – 5

LIVE: Riley Edwards –

LIVE: Erin Trejo –

LIVE: Ellie Masters –

May 16th: Elias Raven –

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Episodes 6 – 10

Riley Edwards 6.13.17

Erin Trejo 6.27.17

Ellie Masters 7.11.17

Elias Raven 7.25.17

Carver Pike 8.1.17

Inspiration and Friendship #MFRWauthor

Welcome to week 14 and 15 of the 52-week blog hop. Last week was crazy and this week has not been any better, but I have so much to tell you!

Let’s start with the week 14 prompt… Story Inspiration

I get story inspiration everywhere I turn. My latest story idea came from a bedtime book that I was reading to my daughter. It’s a sweet fantasy romance and I am excited to start writing it, but I have other projects that are taking up my time at the moment.

Now about social media…

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The Collective is HERE!!!- Unbroken by Riley Edwards

Unbroken – A second chance at love story – Episode 1


Five years after my husband’s brutal murder, I am still trying to piece my life back together.

A series of disastrous events sends, not only my life but my son’s life into peril. With everything spiraling out of control, and our safety on the line, I have no choice but to ask my longtime friend, Reid for help.
I realize my mistake too late. Reid is all in, and is taking over my life completely. He looks at me like a woman, not a widow or a mother. He makes we wish for things I know I shouldn’t have.
Just when he opens my eyes to the world around me, and I see the man that has been standing right in front of me all these years – it’s too late. One kiss is all I am allowed before my life takes another painful twist and all thoughts of happiness are torn from my reach.
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What are readers saying?

The Collective, Unbroken, begins by pulling at your heartstrings and then quickly delves into the mystery that will lead you down twists and turns searching for clues. The first book by Riley Edwards is quick paced and grossly engaging as you try to figure out the puzzle of “who done it” before the characters do.” – Amazon review
Loved this story!! It is full of twist and turns and clues!! It kept me on the edge of my chair the entire book! This series is going to be unique and different and definitely full of suspense and mystery.” – Amazon Reviewer
From the very first sentence, I found myself wanting to find out what was going to happen in this book. End of Watch….now my curiosity had the best of me. The characters were well matched and the antics had me laughing. Riley did an exceptional job collaborating this story. The way she put a title at the beginning of each chapter caught my attention and had my mind wondering what was in store. There was definitely a mix of emotion while reading, but I definitely had no trouble reading. In fact, I didn’t want to put it down to go to work or sleep. Definitely an amazingly entertaining and well written book. Kudos Riley, well done!!” – Amazon Reviewer
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☆¸.•*¨*★☆Welcome to The Collective ☆¸.•*¨*★☆
Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese, Carver Pike
This crossover series is a huge win for all the authors involved. Don’t miss any of the releases. Each book will pull you in, leave you wanting more while you teeter on the edge of your seat with suspense.” AmazonReviewer
*Release Schedule and Series order
Pre orders available now
Riley Edwards – Unbroken (part one) 4.4.17 –
Erin Trejo – Iron Claw MC 4.18.17 –
Ellie Masters – Learning to Breathe 5.2.17 –
Elias Raven – Shadow & Flame – 5.16.17 –
Chris Genovese – Quills and Daggers 5.30.17 –
Riley Edwards Unbroken (part two) 6.13.17 –Pre order coming soon
Erin Trejo -TBA – 6.27.17 – Pre order coming soon
Ellie Masters -TBA- 7.11.17 – Pre order coming soon
Elias Raven -TBA- 7.25.17 – Pre order coming soon
Carver Pike – TBA – 8.1.17 – Pre order coming soon
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A wide open heart

It’s WEEK 14 of the MFRW 52-week blog challenge! (I missed week 13 so I will add that here too ;-))

Hey hoppers,

So week 13 and 14 kind of go hand in hand for me. My greatest weakness is my heart, but it is what also inspires my writing. Let me explain, I love hard. When I care about someone I give them all that I am. This is a huge disadvantage to me. The harder and deeper you love the worse they can shatter your being when they let you down or take advantage of you. I have opened my heart to so many people that did not deserve it and I have been hurt over and over. On the flipside, I have deep meaningful relationships with the people around me. I don’t know that I would trade that for anything.


My heart also inspires my writing. I write with emotion. When people tell me they are starting one of my stories I tell them to grab a tissue box. I have gotten countless messages about how people had to read through tears. I love it. I love creating emotions in people, stirring up feelings and encouraging self-reflection. It is what I love to read also.


About the 52-week blog hop…
When I thought about starting a blog, I really wanted to make this a place for us to get to know each other. I want to get to know you as you get to know me. I want to know what you like, what you don’t. What stories would you like to see written? What makes you crazy in books, in a good and bad way *wink wink*. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of that, so this is my mission to get better. This blog challenge will give us something to talk about every Friday, but I don’t want it to be about me. I want it to be about you too, so each month I will be giving away prizes to a random commenter of the blog challenge posts! Sound good to you? At the end of the year, everyone who has commented will be put into, and I will choose one winner to receive a signed paperback from me. 🙂 The more you comment, the more entries you earn. So come, on! Let’s play!!!

Getting back on track (Contest Announcement)

Hey, friends!

Man oh man has it been a crazy week. I am working really hard on getting my books back on the market to you. I do not have a release date yet, but it will definitely be within the next couple of weeks. I am having them re-edited, reformatted, and I gave the covers a little face-lift. I have received so so much love from the other authors in the community. People are so willing to help and it’s beautiful. I will be having a re-release party in my facebook readers group, so if you would like to attend, please get in touch with me and I would be happy to add you. The group has already gotten to see and comment on my new covers, plus they will be entered to win autographed paperbacks from me. It’s a fun and safe place to hang out, so come play!




When A Rose in Bloom was released I announced a contest to win a bundle of signed stuff and awesome swag from some BDSM heavy hitters (and me). These ladies are the real deal and they are freakin’ wonderful, let me tell you.

When I had to remove the books I had to suspend the contest, but don’t worry because now this bundle (and so much more) will be given away at my Re-release party!!! You really are not going to want to miss this one.

Lotsa Loves,


Regret and a heavy heart

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have decided to pull Adopting Katie and A Rose in Bloom down off of Amazon. I will be self-publishing them, but in the mean time I apologize to all of my readers and friends for the inconvenience.

Please know that I love and appreciate each and every one of you and I will be working hard to bring these books back soon.

Lotsa Loves,

Allysa Hart

But… I’m scared! #MFRWauthor


So I really struggled with this one because I could not really identify what it was that was my greatest strength. I asked one of my closest friends what she thought and without hesitation, she replied, “You’re brave. You step outside the box, you have hard conversations, you try new things, you break down invisible walls, you do things that are scary if you know they are right whether it be professional or personal.”

Naturally, I rolled my eyes at her, I am seriously afraid of so so many things, but then I started doing a little research. What I found surprised me. First of all, she was right (she usually is). Being brave really has nothing to do with how afraid I am at any given moment. Being brave means pressing on and defeating that fear. It means doing the things that do not come naturally. This last year I have grown leaps and bounds because I have learned to be brave. So if there is something you are afraid of, if something is holding you back… listen to me… BE BRAVE!!! Do not let life pass you by. You will regret it.


Speaking of bravery, today is the release day of my second book!!! I am so excited. I took so many chances and got out of my comfort zone with this one. I even reached out to some amazing authors for help.


(Click photo for more info on how to win)



Who wants autographed books and swag from Jenna Jacob, Angel Payne, Lexi Blake… and me?

Hi friends!

Oh man, I have some good news for you! Okay, so most of you know that A Rose in Bloom will be released this Friday and for those of you that don’t know…

author banner 4

To celebrate my release I wanted to do a biiiig giveaway. I contacted some of my fave BDSM authors for help and they were so amazing. Check this out….


  • Autographed swag from Jenna Jacob, Angel Payne, and Lexi Blake
  • 3 autographed paperbacks from Jenna Jacob
  • An autographed paperback from Lexi Blake
  • And some goodies from me 😉

So how can you win this amazing bundle you ask? Purchase an e-copy of A Rose in Bloom between March 24th and April 8th and email me a copy of your amazon receipt! That’s it! Well okay, that’s not it, if you share the post on facebook you can earn an extra entry. Include the link to your post in the same e-mail as your receipt and BAM, double your chances of winning!  Wait, there’s more… leave an honest review on amazon and… guess what? TRIPPLE your chances of winning!!! On April 10th Mr. Random will choose a winner!

Can you tell I am really excited about this release? I can not wait to tell you Keith and Rose’s amazing story. *Sigh* Okay so you are going to e-mail me 3 things… A receipt, link to your shared facebook post, and link to your Amazon review. Feel free to e-mail or message me if you have any questions. Good luck to you all and thank you so so much for being here for me. Without my friends and fans, I would have no reason to keep writing. You all make my world go round!

E-mail- allycat5765 (at) gmail (dot) com






Taken by the Barbarian

APRIL VINE is a night-time erotic romance writer and a daytime professional dreamer. She adores books, chocolates, and shoes, and is happiest doing all three at the same time.

She lives in a house with boys and a few four-legged furry things and has come to accept both species for the strange creatures they are.

takenbythebarbarian_full (1).jpg




Having spent her life confined behind the walls of an opulent palace where she could be kept safe and pure, twenty-year-old Princess Saraska is innocent, naïve, and utterly unprepared for what is in store when she is taken captive by Roark, the barbarian ruler of the planet Sentara.

To her surprise, Saraska quickly discovers that while Roark will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her thoroughly any time he feels it necessary, the tall, handsome king is far from the ruthless savage she expected. His stern discipline and his bold, intimate exploration of her virgin body leave her quivering with need, and when at last he claims her completely his skilled, dominant lovemaking brings her pleasure more intense than she could have ever imagined.

Though Saraska grew up believing her people were peaceful, she soon begins to realize that she has been lied to her entire life. But when her own father conspires to turn her against Roark, will Saraska see through his schemes and trust in the man she has grown to love?

Publisher’s Note: Taken by the Barbarian includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


He could spank her behind all shades of color then if he liked but in the end it meant getting rid of him. She could handle a few slaps with a strap, no matter the size. In the last three moons, an uncaring numbness had established itself in her body and only her heart endured all her pain. She wouldn’t die from his spanking and certainly there was a stark flaw in his discipline since she planned never to do her chores anyway. Or start obeying him.

She could do this. She could take this Alien Warlord’s punishment and not falter one bit. He would have to discipline her for the rest of her life, but she would never do her chores, she would never obey him.

She lifted the nightdress and laid over his lap, her feet and hands not touching the floor. The hardness of his thighs penetrated her middle. Her mind reeled with the differences in their bodies and that strange feeling of heat covered her skin again. Only when she was with him did she forget the cold. Where she was small, soft, smooth, and without a strand of hair save for her head, he was massive, hard, rough, and his jaw darkened with hair.

“Ah, fuck,” he growled softly. For long moments, nothing happened. She braced herself for her first strike but none came. Instead she felt a rising hardness against the side of her curved into his lap. Her heart thudded. She turned her head. Was that part of his body? Some Alien characteristic?

But he growled, pressed into her lower back and released a raw streak of heat across her previously pampered skin. It burned like a flame and yet the pain didn’t register just as pain alone. Her whole body erupted into countless electrical sparks, all of them notably and oddly pleasurable. Just like when he touched her. The second one landed in the same place, deeper and more severe and directly after the first. She cried out, then bit her lip.

“Will you do your chores?” he asked.

“No,” she said forcefully.

Another series of strikes whipped across her backside. She clutched her thighs together, her whole focus on the ever-rising heat between her legs taking over every other part of her body. His hand, no matter how he touched her seemed to ignite her forbidden place. And why did her nipples swell and hurt so much and now she believed only his mouth could ease her ache there, yet where his mouth could give her fleeting relief, he evoked other wild uncanny sensations everywhere else in her body when he did. She scrunched her eyes tightly, not from the sting of his spanking, but from the desperate need to spread her thighs so she could ease the tightness there.




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