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Sat Spanks Take 7

Well friends, A Rose in Bloom is in the final stages of edits before it goes off to the publisher. I can’t wait to share Rose and Keith’s story with you so I decided to start teasing you a little bit. *snicker* You’re Welcome!!!

This is the first actual conversation that takes place in the book. Jared (the lawyer from Adopting Katie) and Keith are playing racquetball and Jared notices something is off with his younger friend.



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Fairy Tale Friday Episode 2- Avery Casteele

Hello, fellow Fairy Tale Junkies. I have something extra special to share today because its from my Big Sister. This woman is awesome. She has been encouraging me to find my voice since the day that I met her and I don’t think she understands just how much her love and constant support pushes me to do things I never thought possible.

Thanks for taking the time to coax me into being naughty, but always being there for me to complain after the fact. I love you bunches, Big Sis.

Love, Your Little Sprite


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Fairy Tale Friday Episode 1- Allysa Hart

Welcome to Fairy Tale Friday, where we come together as authors and readers to share our favorite stories with a twist. Every Friday, I will be featuring someone new. We will get to know them a bit and then listen to them tell us their version of a classic story. If you would like to participate in this fun game then please shoot me an e-mail at Don’t forget to keep an eye out because I have some amazing authors lined up to play.

Without further ado, here is my silly story…..

AllyCat and the 3 Bossys~ Allysa Hart


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A special message…

About two years ago, a friend asked me to reach out to a woman I didn’t know in order to help her feel less alone at a writer’s conference. That woman has become one of the best friends I have ever had. She is my nurse, my counselor, my confidante, my listening ear, my shoulder to cry on, my comedic relief, my words of wisdom, but most importantly she is my big sister and today is her birthday.

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