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Without further ado, here is my silly story…..

AllyCat and the 3 Bossys~ Allysa Hart


Once upon a time there was an AllyCat. She tried so hard to be a good little kitty, but she had a naughty streak that always seemed to turn up at the worst moments. Her naughtiness got her tail smacked frequently, especially when she got caught playing tricks on her bossys.

One morning she came down to breakfast and cringed. There at her spot at the table was her nemesis…porridge. She gave it a skeptical look and snuck a peek at her 3 bossys. Uncle-Bossy sat reading, Mama-Bossy tapped away on her laptop and Lily-Bossy was focused on her cell phone. Looking around AllyCat spotted her puppy pals. She summoned them quietly and began to slip spoonfuls of the nasty slop to the poor unsuspecting K9s. They soon realized her game and retreated in search of more favorable snacks. AllyCat  looked up to see Uncle’s attention totally on her.

She smiled sweetly as he sat down his kindle and folded his hands. “What are you doing kitty?”

“Nothing, sir.”

“Are you eating your breakfast?”

“Yes, sir.”  She lied as she took the tiniest of bites. Gulping it down she forced a smile.

“Your puppy sister has already tattled on you, so I suggest you tell me the truth right now.”

By now Mama’s tapping had stopped and Lily’s attention was focused on Ally. Not good.

Ally slunk in her chair and glared at the tail she saw wagging next to Uncle. “I don’t like porridge.”

“Did I ask you what you like? What is the rule in this house?”

“Eat what is offered.”


“Get spanked and then eat it anyways.” Ally tried to answer respectfully, but the eye roll happened without her permission. It was totally out of her control.

Uncle slid his chair backward and patted his lap. “Right then, let’s get this over with.”

Shaking her head, she grabbed tightly onto the bottom of her chair as if he could levitate her out of her seat with his eyes.


Ally’s spine snapped straight. When bossys counted it was not a good thing. She looked pleadingly at Mama. “Don’t let him spank me. He knows I don’t like this. You don’t like it either. Please, Mama!”

Mama’s eyes were soft and kind, but not even her word held up against Uncle’s in a time like this. “It will be easier if you just listen baby.”


Jumping up Ally found herself next to the DOMbie butthead faster than she thought possible.

“Good girl.” He praised as he slipped her jammie shorts down to her knees, and tipped her unceremoniously over his lap.

The smacks were fast and hard and AllyCat wiggled and whined the whole time. Uncle Bossy spanked TOO HARD.

Feeling sorry for the little kitty Mama coaxed Uncle into letting her finish the spanking. Over Mama’s lap, Ally went, but it was over too soon because Uncle decided that Mama spanked TOO SOFT.

Quiet up to that point, Lily stepped in and took over. For the third time, Ally was upended over a lap getting her bare bottom thoroughly smacked. Lily spanked hard but not as hard as Uncle. Lily spanked JUST RIGHT.

Rubbing her red bottom Ally went to Uncle when she was summoned. He perched her on his lap, but Uncle’s cuddles were TOO HARD. Mama’s cuddles were healing, but TOO SOFT. Lily’s cuddles were JUST RIGHT.

After cuddles, AllyCat’s jammies were righted, and she sat back down at the table to choke down breakfast. Smiling, Uncle got up and took her bowl, replacing it with her favorite cereal. They all three smiled at her surprise. They had been playing a trick on her! AllyCat sighed and shook her head. She was the luckiest little kitty in the whole wide world, even when she was sitting on a sore bottom.