Hello, fellow Fairy Tale Junkies. I have something extra special to share today because its from my Big Sister. This woman is awesome. She has been encouraging me to find my voice since the day that I met her and I don’t think she understands just how much her love and constant support pushes me to do things I never thought possible.

Thanks for taking the time to coax me into being naughty, but always being there for me to complain after the fact. I love you bunches, Big Sis.

Love, Your Little Sprite


The Princess and The Ogre Dombie

Once upon a time, in a land far away, high up on a mountaintop amidst the clouds of gray.

There lived a beautiful Princess with gowns flowing white, hair as golden as the sun and eyes glowing bright.

But something did not sit well, with the Princess every day, for there lived a mean ole Ogre Dom who was always in the way.  

The Princess was very sassy and did the things she liked, the Ogre said it was not classy, to which she snapped “Take a hike!”

His eyes turned very dark and he ordered her to the tower, there she hid under the bed and said, “Awwww don’t be so sour!”  

The Ogre Dom glared hard at her and ordered her over his knee, the Princess said, “I don’t have to comply so why don’t you come and make me?“

Then he stood up shaking his head and quickly came her way, she frantically ran for the door but tripped to her dismay.

He scooped her up and said, “Tsk tsk your bottom will pay for that.” She turned to him and rolled her eyes and said, “I’m not a brat!””

“A brat you aren’t my little one, but naughty you have been.  I think you remember this little hairbrush I like to call your friend?”

“My friend?, she said, “I think you gest or must be smoking crack.  I highly suggest you put me down and take that wicked thing back.”

“Oh, child you may want to bite your tongue for hot water you’re certainly in.” And with the brush, he raised his arm, and it came down again and again.

She wiggled and squirmed and kicked her feet and tried to get off his lap, but he held on tight and continued to spank with another WHACK WHACK WHACK!

“Be still my Princess, take your medicine, and I shall let you go.  But continue to kick, scream and squirm and a very sore bottom you shall know.”

When the Ogre was done, he let her go and a sore bottom she did have. She wiped her tears and fixed her gown, and winced but started to laugh.   

“He thinks he’s won that mean ole Ogre, but soon the Dombie will see, just what mischief I’m capable of, but until then I am free!”