I am so sorry for the delay in Fairy Tale Fridays. Sickness and all around busyness has been running me ragged, but I am going to do something special to make up for it. This weekend you will get THREE different naughty Fairy Tales. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be featuring different authors each day and we even have out first author duo.

If you missed Friday, you can find it HERE

If you missed Saturday, you can find it HERE.

Please help me welcome Lea and Riley!!!

Lea is a busy mom of 2 boys. She lives in the sometimes cold sometimes warm midwest and works in the healthcare system. Lea started writing as a teenager, but …then stopped for a long time. She just recently started back up again as a way to express her thoughts and feelings. As Lea began to share very slowly some of her work, she received more and more positive feedback. Lea is very excited for the opportunity to now share her work with all of you.

Riley: I developed a love of writing in grade school when I was encouraged by a teacher during a writing assignment. (Any teachers out there, know you can and do make a huge difference in your student’s lives) Ever since I have had a love of writing. While I have been writing all my life, it is only recently that I have taken the steps to publish.

I have a love for fantasy, paranormal and science fiction that comes out in my writing, and I have projects in all of these genres, some erotic, some not. My writing grows out of my mind as I contemplate the world through ideas. This writing style enables me to dabble in many different settings and dynamics, and also different formats. While I mostly write fiction, I have been known to pen a poem or two, some of which I’ve posted in different events I’ve attended.

Outside of writing, I have many interests including movies, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, logic problems, computer programming, camping, cooking, stargazing and Disney. I have two wonderful boys that I love that take up my time when not writing. I also am attending school to get my degree while working in the IT field as a support desk technician.

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