I am so sorry for the delay in Fairy Tale Fridays. Sickness and all around busyness has been running me ragged, but I am going to do something special to make up for it. This weekend you will get THREE different naughty Fairy Tales. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be featuring different authors each day and we even have out first author duo. Stayed tuned for some seriously naughty fun.

What a better way to start than with my buddy La Kata. This girl is amazing you guys. So let’s give her a warm welcome, shall we?

Let me introduce myself. My name is La Kata A. Epps-Kling (La Kata E.K.) and I am a poet. I am an avid reader. I am a constant writer. I am a freelance proofreader. Most importantly, I am someone that believes that beauty can be found within the ugliest of places.

I have been reading for as far back as I can remember and that was about the age of 5. The first book that I remember owning (and still do) is Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat”. Reading is a form of adventure for me. No matter what is going on in my life, I know that when I submerge myself into the pages of a book, an interesting journey awaits me!

I began writing poetry when I was 13 years old and I’ve been writing poetry ever since. Dr. Seuss’ rhyme scheme and Maya Angelou’s personal experiences are what inspired me to write the way that I do. However, as time has passed, I have changed my writing style up a bit but there’s still that “Dr. Seuss” within me.

Writing was, and still is, a form of therapy for me. It gives me clarity when I can’t seem to find clarity anywhere else. I feel that writing is a healthy form of expression and that all should indulge in it occasionally. It allows me to express myself in a way that cannot be controlled or restricted by anyone. I feel that everyone should be able to express themselves in one form or another; as long as it’s legal anyway. If more people were able to get their feelings out somehow, then maybe the world would be a little bit of a better place to live.

I recently finished my first novella and I am currently working on a series of educational children’s poetry books.


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Emotionally abused and broken, young Mykale wanted a life that left her current situation in the past. Having come from a poverty-stricken household with dreams that expand bigger than the financial reach of what any of the “traditional” jobs were paying, Mykale decided to make her money in a “nontraditional” way. Along with her close friend and confidante, she ventures on a path that only leads to a road that shouldn’t be traveled.

After a traumatic experience causes Mykale to abruptly leave her life behind, she embarks on a journey to start a new life. Thinking she has successfully left her past behind her, she doesn’t think twice about what used to be. It’s not until she is approached at a party that she realizes that no matter how far you run, your past will always catch up with you.


As I continued to run, my legs began to ache. The slow burning feeling crept along my calves, up my thighs, and to my groin. But I couldn’t stop running. I knew that if I slowed down for even a second they would catch up with me.

Day had quickly turned to night and night was only getting darker with each passing minute. They weren’t my only fear at the moment, the ever-encompassing dark was, too. I hadn’t the slightest idea as to where I was at and because I couldn’t see my surroundings, I found myself continuously battling off hysteria each time my foot hit the ground.

My heart beat heavy in my chest and I felt that it was going to explode. My lungs began to feel as if they were burning and I wanted to stop and catch my breath. With the air being thick and muggy, it made breathing damn near impossible. I needed to stop, but I couldn’t just yet.

The blood was pumping so fast throughout my body that I could hear the rhythmic noise in my ears. It seemed so loud. Everything seemed so loud. The crickets chirping, the sound of the soil crunching beneath my feet, the way the tall grass “whooshed” as my legs flew through it; it was as if every noise was magnified except the one that I was desperately trying to listen for.

The darkness of night made it impossible to see within inches in front of my face. Multiple times, I stumbled over something hidden within the brush. Once or twice, I found myself grasping wildly in front of me as I lost my balance. On occasion, I felt something questionable graze past me, but I couldn’t stop to investigate; I dared not stop because my life literally depended on it.

As my body began to tire and my legs began to feel sluggish, I contemplated stopping just long enough to catch my breath. I only needed just a couple of moments to get myself together, to maybe collect my thoughts as best I could under the circumstances; but then I heard the noise that I was listening for. The urgent screaming of my name off in the distance caused me to renege on my decision to slow down. Finding some second or third wind that I didn’t know existed within me, I began sprinting frantically into the darkened woods.

What probably took minutes, felt like it took forever but I eventually saw what looked like low lighting up ahead. A clearing maybe? I wasn’t sure what it was but I could feel my body begin to soar as if my feet had wings. Just a few more…


And just like that, the light was gone…



A talking block of mahogany wood was I,

A companion to make me, someone did try;

A carpenter created me piece by piece,

He started with my toes and then my feet.

From there he created my legs and thighs,

My torso, my neck, my head, and eyes;

He put me all together but before he quit,

He added a little tiny wooden clit.

He called me his beautiful wooden doll,

And said I was perfect, body and all;

He asked could I love him, since he loved me,

Could we be close lovers and share company?

But I didn’t love him and so I just lied,

“I love you so much,” was how I replied.

The moment that I let that lie leave my mouth,

I felt something tingling upon me down south;

Seems my wooden clit had sprung to life,

The sensation was wonderful and it felt really nice;

I found it hard to concentrate on what the carpenter said,

So I asked him quite calmly, “please, take me to bed?”

He told me that I had the most beautiful wood,

Then he lifted me gently, from right where he stood;

He carried me quickly down a dimly lit hall,

While his carpenter hands made me feel extra small.

When we got into his room, I heard the carpenter say,

“This space is so perfect for where we shall lay;

For many a years, my soul felt so dead,

But I couldn’t get the image of love out my head,

Now, here I am, the happiest man in the world,

To be able to turn my wooden doll into a very real girl.”

With that, he leaned forward and placed his lips upon mine,

Making my tingling get stronger and stronger this time;

My stiff little body, so wooden and new,

Changed substances quickly, honest and true.

From wooden and stiff to supple and smooth,

I had an aching inside me he needed to sooth;

His hands touched me slowly then stopped at my waist,

He looked up and whispered, “Is it okay if I taste?”

Not knowing the answer, I shook my head yes,

He then lowered his head and squeezed on my breasts.

A noise, unfamiliar, came up out my throat,

Was nothing high pitched, more on a low note;

His tongue lapped at my center, softly at first,

But then he lapped harder and I wanted to burst;

I pushed his head off so that he could no longer lick, T

hen I pointed my finger at his long erect dick.

“Just give that to me because I cannot take more,

The touching and teasing is eating away at my core.”

He smiled slowly at me and said, “You’re extremely right,

Let’s take a break here and turn in for the night.”

He then kissed me deeply before turning to lay,

In bed for the night while I still wanted to play;

And so I snuck out to go find a new man,

Because teasing and games I did not understand.

I wanted release to my aching sensation,

My body needed a fuck and hardcore stimulation

The first man I saw was taking a piss in the trees,

And so I ran to him and got down on my knees.

I begged him to touch me right down in my center,

I’d do anything for him if he would just enter;

He looked quite perplexed as he sported a frown,

That didn’t last long before he pushed me on down.

He mounted me swiftly and plunged into me fast,

A couple pumps later and he just couldn’t last.

Completely disgusted, I pushed him off to the ground,

Got up on my feet and started looking around;

I needed a man that looked like he could,

Handle a pussy that once used to be wood.

And then there I saw him, just when he saw me,

His eyes took me in and he smiled sexily;

I walked right up to him and started off ripping his clothes,

He gripped tight my hips and brought me onto my toes.

He pressed his lips against mine, his fingers tight on my skin,

I felt that sensation inside start to build once again;

Our mouths pressed together, too in lust for our sake,

There was only so much more that I was willing to take.

He pulled my hips closer and I could feel that he was erect,

And I couldn’t wait until the minute that we could connect;

He ripped off my clothes, then dropped down to his knees,

Stuck two fingers inside me and he did so with ease.

As his fingers did things that I hadn’t experienced before,

If felt like a monster was growing deep in my core;

This monster was hungry and just had to be fed,

So I took both my hands and pushed hard on his head.

I push his head harder so that his tongue met my clit,

And I shivered inside at the way he licked it;

He licked it in circles, every inch of my cat,

I had to show him my gratitude and lick him right back.

I pulled him quickly to get back up on his feet,

It was time that his dick and my mouth got to meet;

I got into position and then stroked his dick with my tongue,

His body got rigid and I hoped he was sprung.

I started low on his shaft and traveled up to the tip,

I even licked up the precum that I saw starting to drip;

I slurped at his dick and my lips felt his skin,

I touched my entire face with his dick, then again.

This turned me on to the point that my core felt like fire,

My body was hot and overcome with desire;

Warm juices were flowing from my core down my thigh,

And I needed to feel him, or if anything, try.

I stood up from the position in which I was kneeling,

Turned around and bent over for a new kind of feeling;

He walked up and he rubbed his dick near my clit,

Covering his dick in my juices before sliding into my slit.

Upon initial insertion, I knew that he was the one,

To stop with the games and get the job done;

I felt every inch of him as he rhythmically rocked with a sway

, And I was so pleased with myself that I left the house to go play.

He rubbed on my skin before pinching my nipples,

Causing goosebumps to cover my body in ripples;

My knees felt unsteady and my body like glass,

Then before I could crumble, he slapped me on the ass;

started to whimper and my eyes all but cried,

But my body was shaking and getting done on this ride.

This guy bucked from behind me as he let go of his seed,

Neither of us dared linger once we were done with our deed.

I skipped happily back the house where I dwelled,

Snuck in for a shower in the case that I smelled,

Climbed quietly into bed to count sheep as I lay,

I hoped the carpenter kept teasing because I couldn’t wait to go play…


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