I am so sorry for the delay in Fairy Tale Fridays. Sickness and all around busyness has been running me ragged, but I am going to do something special to make up for it. This weekend you will get THREE different naughty Fairy Tales. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be featuring different authors each day and we even have out first author duo.

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Please help me welcome Lea and Riley!!!

Lea is a busy mom of 2 boys. She lives in the sometimes cold sometimes warm midwest and works in the healthcare system. Lea started writing as a teenager, but …then stopped for a long time. She just recently started back up again as a way to express her thoughts and feelings. As Lea began to share very slowly some of her work, she received more and more positive feedback. Lea is very excited for the opportunity to now share her work with all of you.

Riley: I developed a love of writing in grade school when I was encouraged by a teacher during a writing assignment. (Any teachers out there, know you can and do make a huge difference in your student’s lives) Ever since I have had a love of writing. While I have been writing all my life, it is only recently that I have taken the steps to publish.

I have a love for fantasy, paranormal and science fiction that comes out in my writing, and I have projects in all of these genres, some erotic, some not. My writing grows out of my mind as I contemplate the world through ideas. This writing style enables me to dabble in many different settings and dynamics, and also different formats. While I mostly write fiction, I have been known to pen a poem or two, some of which I’ve posted in different events I’ve attended.

Outside of writing, I have many interests including movies, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, logic problems, computer programming, camping, cooking, stargazing and Disney. I have two wonderful boys that I love that take up my time when not writing. I also am attending school to get my degree while working in the IT field as a support desk technician.

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This is Lea Winkelman’s first book of poetry that includes fifty-one sizzling, compelling, sexy, and heart touching poems ~ all written from the heart. It is definitely a book you’ll want to keep on your nightstand to read again and again.

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The Reaping of souls is a task that encompasses all of humanity. In carrying out that task, Lyssa cared little for the souls of evil that came under her care. That is, until she is given a gift. A gift that would require a price from her that may be more than she can pay. As she learns of the life of Deacon, can she see what he is, what he does, and still love him?

Changing of the Seasons
The chill in the air was welcome, its icy fingers sinking into Orin’s flesh, an old friend to him. Far in the east, the sky grew lighter, the sun once more ascending, his rise coming earlier and earlier, chasing away the chill and the frost and the snow. Orin rose from his bed in the drift, his hollow hidden in the rocks at the edge of a stream whose surface was glassy and firm, though his ear caught the gurgle of water beneath. He lifted his hand, sliding his fingers across a nearby stone, frost forming as they passed.
Orin stretched his body and his wings splayed out behind him, their four translucent membranes splitting the light into rainbows on the ground. Setting them in motion, he beat the air and lifted him from the ground, even allowing him to hold still in the sky. Just like the dragonfly, who shared his wings, he moved with quick darting motions, skimming across the frozen stream and up over the bank still white with snow. Here and there dark patches showed through the white blanket, testaments to the change in the air. He blew across the exposed land as he passed, his breath decorating the earth in reaching crystals of ice. Some distance from the stream, Orin encountered a stately tree, its dark trunk climbing out of the snow, spreading into dense clusters of green needles. A cardinal was there, perched on a branch, her eyes searching for food in the harsh climate. Orin approached her, the creature at ease with him, as all of the animals were, and slid his hand through her feathers, holding the cold inside himself so that it did not hurt her.
I wake to the warmth of the season, to Spring returning. Earth herself has slumbered, and as I rise the bell tolls for her return to life and growth. Yet, a chill still hangs in the air, giving pause to my joyful rise. Opening my wings, I stretch my body still stiff and sore from my long sleep. Open spaces call to me, the freshness of the earth above, and I move to the opening of my burrow, down in the earth.
Sun filters down to me from a hazy sky, striking off my wings, and I find them dull to my eye. Caressing them, I bring their colors forth, summoning the rainbow within to shine, and calling upon the morning star to make them shimmer and twinkle. My eye moves about, assessing the world around, and I wonder, for I see the world sleeps. Where are the others? Lifting my head, I blow forth the spring breeze, and feel it move about me, clearing the haze from the sun, letting it shine clear and warm upon my skin.
Nearby the iris lifts her head, and I move to help her, to open her petals to the sun. Guiding her, my fingers brush over her, enhancing the purple color of her, she is perfect, she is gorgeous. In her reaching I can hear her greet the spring, and hear her greet me, welcome to the waking. Still I see no more of my kind, and inside I reprimand myself, “Twinkle, you are always so impatient, so eager.” Yet I cannot help but be excited. Lifting my wings, I dance along the wind, calling forth the grasses where my feet strike the ground, banishing the winter frost and snow. I reach to the trees and bring forth their buds, I kiss the air to give it warmth. It is then that I see him.
I know him as I see him, for there is recognition amongst our kind, but still it is the first I’ve seen one of them, they are usually gone when I wake. He is pale, with long white hair that falls across his back, where his wings flutter and buzz. They are clear, and wide, four wings that propel him across the ground as he rises to a tree.
Orin turns from the cardinal, feeling in the air the warmth of spring. He turns to the sky to see the sun shining in the clear blue, the haze of the morning banished. Sweetness floats on the air, a fragrance of flowers, and his eye looks to the ground, seeing the purple blossom of the iris there, and beside it he sees her. His heart beats faster on seeing her, for it tells him his time is short, but it also brings a strange feeling to him, a drawing, a wanting. Her wings flutter and she moves, dancing across the sky in a patternless flight. Orin sits on his branch, his hand idling moving through the feathers of the cardinal as he watches her. In her wake the snows are melting, in her dance the sky is clearing, and the scents of the flowers rise to him more and more. It is beautiful, yet it makes his heart ache all the same, for he sees the winter fade, his winter.
Dropping from the tree, Orin moves to follow her as she dances through the sky. He cannot be sure, but he thinks she’s seen him, but she tries to hide it. From some distance away, picking his footing amongst the rocks and snow, he follows as she moves into a clearing. This yard is one of man’s yards, it has his hand all over it, in the chairs and stones, and furnishings. Many times Orin has painted their windows with frost, etchings in ice across their glass. Yet, they are not here this morn, he saw them some days ago depart in their loud carriage. She flutters down to rest upon a bird bath, its stone rising in carved patterns of vines and leaves. Where she rests the water moves, it ice thawing there. Orin moves to the opposite side, rising his head to peek above the stone rim, looking across at her as she sits in the water.
Twinkle is in her own little world as she flutters about. Waking the trees, grass and flowers. She has noticed him watching her as she flutters about. She hides the fact she does. Not wanting to show him her interest. The song of spring in the air. So sweet to her ears. Watching the winter melt away , she was getting more excited, her time has come to dance. The yard she has known well before, they have a most wonderful garden of flowers. Its one of her favorites to waken. The colors blooming make it so bright. She doesn’t hear the family inside, she thinks they may have gone for a bit.  Sitting on the bird bath edge she places her feet in the water, watching as the ice slowly melts away. She sees his eyes peek up over the rim. Twinkle moves to sit in the water, watching him warily at first. Wondering what his next move will be.
She notices his wings are fluttering. “Would you like to come sit with me?” she asks in her sweet voice.
Orin considers the invitation, but doesn’t know if he’s quite ready yet. The water is slowly thawing, his ice disappearing, already it is nearly halfway across the bird bath. Orin lifts himself up, coming over the edge in a crawl, his wings stilling behind him. He moves across the remaining ice to the edge of the water. Dipping his hand into the liquid, he lets his power flow, drawing the water up and freezing it as he does, carefully he molds it, till a small figure stands at the water’s edge. With a flick of his hands he sprays out the water and solidifies it, till the figure sports thin sheets of ice in the shape of her wings, clear as glass. Lifting his eyes, he smiles at her.
Twinkle watches as he comes slowly up, waiting to see what he is up to. When he flicked the water towards her she thought it would soak her. Twinkle watched as it froze in shape. She sees his smile. It lights up his eyes a playful smirk on his face. Pondering her next move she tilts her head slightly. An idea came to her.
She flings the warm melted water towards him to see what he will do with it The water coming at him startles Orin. Is she trying to shoo him away? Reflexively he brings his hands up and blows, the water shatters into a thousand tiny snowflakes that drift lightly down, some dissolving back into the water, others falling onto the ice. Orin fluttered his wings, lifting himself from the ice, rising back and away.
Twinkle start to laugh, the joy showing. She never experienced the snow fall before. When she awakens it’s done for the season. Fluttering up slightly she twirls around as the flakes fall. As soon as she stops she sees he has backed away. “Please don’t go yet. That was fun. Would you like to play some more?”
She holds her breath awaiting his answer.
Her laughter quells much of the trepidation that had bloomed in Orin’s heart, and her joy as she twirled in his snow made him smile. Testing the air he could feel the moisture in it, enough for what he had in mind. Rising slightly he flew in a circle around the bird bath, drawing in the moisture and sending it out in snow crystals, falling lightly down upon her. As the flakes descended he dropped down to the ice, alighting upon it next to her. As the snow fell around them he reached out with his tongue to catch the small flakes, letting them melt upon his tongue.
Looking at him hopefulness in her eyes, she watched carefully. Twinkle saw him smile, that sent a warm feel through her. Watching him rise up she didn’t move, not wanting to startle him anymore, then she felt the light touch up one her. The snow sparkled when it landed on her wings, the colors were like a shimmer in a way. She watched him stick out his tongue catching the snow. “Why did you do that? Do they have a taste?’ She asked quietly. Never having played in the snow before it was all new to her. “Can you truly fly in it or does it freeze on your wings?” The questions were forming in her head, hoping they have some time together.
Orin caught another flake on his tongue and then nodded to her to try. Such a simple think in his world, but it was all new to her. She mimicked his movements, sticking out her tongue, catching a flake there. He could see her surprise at the coolness of it, and how quickly it dissolved into water.
Starting his wings, he hovered just off the ice and offered her his hand. Timidly she took it, and he pulled her up into the air, her wings starting to beat as he drew her through the through the snow. They flew a short distance, and Orin could feel the difference between them, as his body gave off the chill of winter, and hers the warmth of spring, between them the air blew off in both rain and snow, mingling as it fell.
Orin took her into the trees, knowing that the snow was still on the ground there, hidden from the suns warming rays. Descending, they hovered just above the surface, the snow moving aside in their passing. Releasing her hand he smiled at her and dove into the snow, letting it fly up around him as he curled into the bank.
The dance he took her on was exhilarating. It was all new, in a way she didn’t want it to end ever, yet she knew it would soon. As she took his hand she was sure it would be a fun time. When he took her into the trees she felt the chill still hanging about.  A thought came to her the sun hadn’t reached here yet. She watched in awe as he curled into the bank. Wanting to try it and see, she dove and flew into the snow, colliding with him as she did. Laughing he folded his arms around her. She looked up to him smiling and laughing. “I think I had a little too much beat in my wings.” She saw him smile down at her, a look in his eyes.
Her body against his ignited something in Orin that was wholly new to him. The feel of her skin beneath his arms was soft, and warm, like the rays of the sun given form. In her eyes the colors of her wings were matched and reflected, a rainbow sparking from within her, bright and cheerful. Orin’s breath caught as he gazed down at her, his hands moving over her, hungry for the feel of her. Feeling his caress ignited something deep within. She wanted more of his touch. Moving her hands along his skin she felt the cool touch. Her lips slight parted, her breath shallow as the exploration contained. She wanted to kiss him, feel his lips upon her.
She responded to his touch, opening up her body to him, letting him explore. Small hands moved over his larger ones, guiding him at times, others just following, moving across her skin. Her breath grew fast and shallow, he could feel it on his cheek, her lips parted, her eyes closed. He lowered his head, nuzzling his nose into her neck, his lips kissed the back of her shoulder, drawing her warmth in with his breath, the smell of flowers and spring.
Leaning in Twinkle nuzzled into his neck as she faced him. He smelled of winter, pine and that freshness that follows the snow. His hands moved over her as she opened up to his explorations. She needed more. “Please” was all she could get out in a whisper, hoping he heard. Her own hands moved to his body, searching.
Her whispered request resounded with his own heart, and he lifted her head to his, looking a moment into her eyes, though it seemed to stretch in his mind, those brilliant colorful eyes, and then his lips met hers and all was her taste. Orin pulled her to him, their bodies pressed against each other as their kiss bloomed, and though he did not know it, their wings stirred, lifting them from the ground, circling as they rose.
The kiss was magical and intense. Twinkle held to him as she felt them rise, opening up to him more letting him feel the need within. Their tongues entwining as the kiss continued and she tasted him. She wrapped her legs around him, as they were pulled together, not wanting to lose the closeness of their bodies.
Warmth moved into Orin from her, the press of her body on his, it was strange, and welcome, so different than the chill that he so often knew. His hands moved over her, caressing the softness that was her skin. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, and her legs over his hips, and he felt his arousal, its hardness against her softness. Everything became her, became what she was, and what he could be with her. There was no more winter, no more spring, no more sun, and no more snow, there was only her, and the beat of their wings. Feeling all of him against her, his hardness ready and waiting. She wanted to be one with him. Embracing the feel of his coolness against her, there was nothing that she wanted more than this. Breathless, she let their kiss diminish, their lips part. Her words were like an exhale, a release from her soul, “Please, I want to have you in me.”
Her words became the action, and Orin lifted her body with his hands on her thighs, her legs still wrapped about him. He guided her to him, feeling her entrance at the tip of his cock. Slowly he brought them together, feeling her as she opened to him, surrounding him, enveloping him. A sigh rose between them, wholly owned by neither, an expression of their joining.
Wordlessly she began to move, using her legs around him to push herself away and pull herself back in. Waves of sensation rolled over Orin and he gripped her waist tightly as a groan rose within him.
Bubbling from his throat as he rolled his head back. The feeling of him as he entered was exquisite. The entering of his cock into her entrance, filling her completely. As she moved she felt his hands move to her hips. Continuing the motion they had started. Twinkle held on to him reveling in the feel of their joining, being one. Their movements became one, a rhythm of time and give and take, the passage of the seasons expressed in their bodies. Winter into Spring, returning to Winter, again and again as they moved through the air. Around them their powers flowed, a strange storm of wind, rain, snow and ice. Orin’s body flushed, inside he felt the flare of what was coming, the heat like a fire burning on a winter’s day, coursing through him, consuming him in the sensation. He pulled her into him, pushing deeper, seeking more. Her body was a firebrand, hot in his arms. Each breath came to her in a gasp as she rolled onto him and then out again. The tempo of their lovemaking grew faster, and each of them rose higher on the tide of their arousal, the deep pools of feeling threatening their eminent flood of release. Twinkle felt it coming, wanting to go with him, to share this most intimate of experiences. As they both came together, finishing off their dance, Twinkle relished the mixture of the seasons. She looked deep into his eyes trying to gauge what he may be thinking and suddenly felt sad, for she knew soon he would be in his slumber, awaiting the return of the winter. Trying to form the words to express her thoughts, she wondered if she looked as lost as she felt. How could she communicate to him all she had to say? Changes The power of the emotion and the feelings through Orin’s body dimmed slowly as their flight also slowed, the ground rising gently to meet them. Once more he found himself by the creek, but now the thin sheet of ice was broken, and water moved quickly where it had fallen away. Carefully he lowered Twinkle to the ground, missing the closeness of her body as she stepped down, yet her hand had intwined with his, and he squeezed it. He looked about, and could see even more the loss of his winter. The irises were blooming, and the snow was gone from the open areas, only a bare trace remained in amongst the trees. Turning to her, he saw a tear forming in her eye, a sadness behind them. Orin lifted his hand to her, trancing along her cheek, and down to her chin. Idly he noted how gray his fingers looked, next to her color. Lifting her chin, he brought her lips to his one more time, drawing in the sweet taste of her, breathing in the smell of her. Stepping back from the edge of the water, he sat on the bank, taking both her hands in his. He folded his legs up beneath him, and felt his eyes growing heavy. His wings folded down, a shadow forming in them, no longer the clear bright wings of this morning. Looking at her, he tried to tell her, tried to assure her, all was well. Winter must fade, and spring come again, it was as it should be. She was the last thing he saw as he let his arms fall, and his body turned gray, his form less sharp. In a moment, what once was Orin was now a gray stone, awaiting the winters kiss again, when he would once more rise. Twinkle had watched as Orin’s color faded her tears forming as she looked down upon him. She knew it was time for him to go as she squeezed his hands as they held hers. She wanted to tell him so much.  As she watched him fade, becoming the stone she sat down near him. She raised the flowers around him, bright in color, encircling him, keeping him safe. “Sleep my love, until snow once more falls from the sky. Think of me, my darling, and I will find you when spring comes again.” Twinkle kissed the stone, her tears falling across it. She flew off, yearning for the next year’s winter, and her waking, when she could see him again.
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