Welcome to Fairy Tale Friday. Thanks for coming to visit. We have quite the story for you today. I met Savi (Savannah Morgan) through a mutual author friend not that long ago and from day one she has been awesome and supportive and people… she is an AH-MAZE-ING author. I asked for a short fairy tale and she wrote me 6 THOUSAND WORDS of a story that I could not put down. How many times have you heard the story of Beauty and the Beast? Block all those out because they have nothing on this one! So grab a drink and snuggle in because you are going to be here a while. Take it Away SAVI!!!!!
Intrigue! Lust! Betrayal! Desire! Lies! Love! I am magical. I am a Warrior Goddess. I am words on the page! I am in your head! I can make it possible to fall in love over and over again! Come take a Romantic Journey with me. I am Savannah Morgan.
Watch for Claiming My Valentine!!! It will be out on Feb. 14th.
Hearts, Flowers, and A Dead Husband By Savannah Morgan Only available in the Claiming My Valentine anthology Olivia Quincy’s dead husband is having a little difficulty letting go. His trusty faerie guide, Keegan, is at her wits end trying to make him realize the importance of helping Olivia move on. When Eliajah, the heir to the FaeShadow Court, sets his sights on Olivia, Adam is more determined than ever to keep his wife. With the future of Faes everywhere in the balance, Eliajah comes to terms with his destiny of being the next Shadow Court King and the importance of claiming his mate. But there are a few problems he must circumvent first… His mate doesn’t know who she really is, and her mortal dead husband isn’t quiet ready to let her go. ‘Till death do us part’, was only a suggestion, right?

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