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Sat Spanks Take 7

Well friends, A Rose in Bloom is in the final stages of edits before it goes off to the publisher. I can’t wait to share Rose and Keith’s story with you so I decided to start teasing you a little bit. *snicker* You’re Welcome!!!

This is the first actual conversation that takes place in the book. Jared (the lawyer from Adopting Katie) and Keith are playing racquetball and Jared notices something is off with his younger friend.



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Saturday Spankings Take 2

One step closer to having my first book out and being a published author! I still can’t believe it. Twisted Hearts Productions are busting their tails to finish editing. Every update I get, I love the story even more. Okay, so I am going to continue from last week, and from my WIP It Up Wednesday. If you have not read the last two then hop over and check them out.

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WIP it up Wednesday

Here I am! I have been reading this blog hop forever and now I get to play too. I probably should have started playing a long time ago, but I was nervous. Now my book is about to come out so I am putting on my brave face and diving in.

I am going to continue my teaser from my Saturday Spankings post so you might want to check it out before continuing. Katie has been very naughty and her Daddy is not happy with her choices.

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