SO Breanna and John Hayse decided that they were going to get a bunch of friends together to write a birthday story just for me. I laughed when I heard. Knowing my friends, my poor character was in for it…. they did not disappoint. *giggle*


Happy Birthday Princess Sugar Britches

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Allyssa Hart. Most of the time, she was very very good, but other time, she was VERY naughty. Of course, she chose the day of her birthday to be naughty because she didn’t think that anyone would spank her one her special day. Boy, was she wrong!

So, first thing in the morning on that faithful Birthday day, Allysa Hart snuck out of bed and went to the royal donut shop. She got a box full of their best pastries but refused to share them with anyone else.

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