Bittersweet Symphony by Kasey Hill

The notes of poetry rise and fall like notes of a symphony playing a cadence bittersweet. Bittersweet Symphony is filled with raw, emotional poetry, leaving the reader with a taste of chagrin and melancholy. A battle of pure love defined by loss and heartache, the poetry will leave you ripped as well as a hole where your heart once was.

Foreword by Alfa @alfa.poet

 And Afterword by Elias Raven @eliasraven1  #writer #writing #poet #poetry #poem #author #kaseyhillauthor  #depression #anxiety #midnightramblings #bittersweetsymphony

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Scouring a bar on New Year’s Eve, Claire finds the Dominant of her dreams. After spending a night together, Claire finds herself claimed as his submissive. However, with each passing moment with him, Claire finds his behavior more and more odd.

Izzy is your run of the mill Dominant billionaire. However, he harbors a secret. He is a zombie. Instead of feasting on brains and blood, he survives off of sex alone.

DOMbieland isn’t your imagination any longer…

The Wastelands of Oz

Somewhere…down a wrong road…under the sea…across the desert…by earthquake, tornado, hurricane, and magick… exists the Land of Oz. But it’s not the same land you loved and dreamed of. A new and more powerful evil than that of the wicked witches has taken over Oz by the name of the Red Sorceress. Oz is in shambles, a barren wasteland. Dorothy is sick with stomach cancer, so it is up to her daughter, Maryjane, to help bring Oz back to life. Maryjane isn’t your average teenager in Kansas. She was blessed by the Elders of Oz with magickal powers as a thanks for the help her mother offered while living there. Glinda’s son, Charlie, and Maryjane are the heirs to the throne of Oz, while the Red Sorceress intends to steal it away for her and her apprentice. Maryjane and Charlie have battled for years over their feelings for each other and have grappled with the idea of punishment, for Maryjane is a mortal from the human world, and it is forbidden. However, the only way to defeat this new monster of evil is together, and they alone share the hidden powers to bring Oz back to life and return the wastelands back into the voluptuous land it once was.

Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults: Wicca and Witchcraft

Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults is for those that are curious to seek out magick through witchcraft or Wicca. There is a notable difference in those that practice witchery and those that practice wicca. This book is full of so much information for witches and wiccans alike. Its very beneficial whatever your craft path is. Of course, being in the Trinitarian line, you guessed right, it focuses around the same Trinity of Gods and Goddesses Trinitarian Wicca does while offering a support to just witchcraft alone. Basic spells and more in depth spells are provided along with instruction in hoodoo and our wiccan tradition. There is a complete new/dark moon ritual, a complete full moon ritual, and sabbat ritual that are adapatable to any month or Sabbat. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it

Scream Campers I know What you Dreamed Last Bloody Halloween (Tales from the Crib Book 4)

What could possibly go wrong for teenagers at a lake party dressed as their favorite slasher movies? Gore and chaos. A killer is on the loose taking them out in pairs as they try to decipher who the deranged lunatic could possibly be. 80’s slasher style meets the modern world in this classic horror short.

Damned are the Children of Eden (Tales from the Crib Book 5)

Julie was your average New Yorker. She went to work, came home, and slept like everyone else. However, her life would change forever the day she meets two strange children who knock her door asking to use her phone.

When She Left

Death. The mere essence of the word can shake even the strongest man alive. Follow the journey of a family as death claims their mother.

Gaebler’s Asylum of the Damned (Tales from the Crib Book 1)

A man goes through hypnosis to unlock his childhood and repressed memories from when he was an orphan. What he uncovers is a madhouse of secrets stemming from an insane asylum he had been placed in. What would you do if you found out you are the son of the Devil himself?

Splitting Headache (Tales from the Crib Book 3)

Amelia wakes up disoriented sitting beside a burning car with a voice ringing in her head that she did it. As the night comes flooding back into her mind, Amelia must grapple with the skeletons in her closet as she reveals to the officer questioning her most deepest darkest secrets of insanity.

New Year’s Eve Kiss Goodnight

Stuck at a party on New Year’s Eve blows when you don’t have a date. Leyland discovers that love is around all corners when she bumps into a guy that sweeps her off her feet. However, is it too good to be true?

Firefly of Immortality (The Guardians of Light Book 1)

There is a war going on between angels. It isn’t a war as one would think that is inscribed and written down in various religious texts throughout the world: angels versus demons. No, this war is much bigger than that. Demons were a creative word enlisted by God. No this war is purely between angels and the fallen angels. God has wiped out the existence of the Divine Mother after she, not Satan or Lucifer, took the fall for darkness out of love not hate. She took half of her children with her, half of the angels of the Summit, that selflessly went with her, and they all fell.

Even though the fall stripped them of their light, it did not strip them of their grace. They are still angels until they let the darkness of the universe seep into their heart. God, whose chosen name is Alpha, had hoped that this would happen sooner rather than later to all of the fallen. He deceived humanity over their existence. Love, power, and vanity all come together in this novel as we see the showdown between angel and fallen angel, God and Goddess, brothers and sisters in arms fighting against one another. We see the power of love and the power of brotherhood as those angels of the light fall to help their forsaken brothers. In the end, will love banish and conquer the evil God of Creation and return the light back to the fallen, which was rightfully theirs to begin with.

Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life Through a Teenager’s Eyes

These were lyrics and poems I wrote when I was in middle school and high school.

Writing them helped me and I know will help many others.

Fall: Fear and Hope (Seasons Book 3)


You shiver with delight as crisp breezes herald the turning of the season.

The magical Autumnal Equinox signals the slow slide to longer nights. Leaves drop and festival carnies load up their booths and rides. There are those who usher in death and sometimes they just give the clueless a gentle push towards Hell’s gates.

School has started. Children used to laugh as they frolicked in fields with childhood friends. Their laughter is now muted, tamped down behind closed schoolhouse doors. But even here, within these pages, are they really children?

Crops are harvested and portals open to horrors — both real and imagined, from the Old World to the current time. Deals and promises are made; pacts with the Otherworld that are more valuable than life itself.

Fall is the season of witches and magic; of nightmares and demons.

Come dance with us under the moonlight of the last harvest moon and enjoy these tales guaranteed to make you shiver!

Light a fire if you must, but beware, The Season of Fear has arrived.

Featuring stories by: Anthony D Farr, Frank Montellano, Michael Baker, Natalie Vorare, Max Xavier, Benjamin Hill, LR Broberg-Mofitt, Kasey Dawn Hill, Cheryl Toner, Carol Hightshoe

This is the third in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills.

Tiptoe through the Tulips

Walk with Kasey Hill through her garden of death, darkness, and depression as she writes her soul’s darkest nights out in this captivating book of poetry. The deepest parts of her heart are exposed and all can see the darkness that surrounds her, engulfing her, and telling its tales of woe through her writing.

Shoot All the Clowns (Tales from the Crib Book 2)

When a Freakshow owner takes on three men claiming to turn into zombies as a main attraction, he doesn’t bargain for what happens afterwards. Becoming the main attraction in the Appalachian area was his dream. However, greed always leads you down a path of doom.

Spring: Dreams and Nightmares (Seasons Book 1)


The season of rebirth and renewal

A time of hope and new beginnings

Or Is It?

Enter into the season of Spring with this collections of stories from the authors of the Den of Quills

Rebirth and Joy vie with Death and Sorrow as the emotions of Spring in these ten stories

This is the first in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills

Sycamore Holler Retreat (The Aint Peachey Chronicles Book 1)

An urban legend circles the residents of Sycamore Holler: Aunt Peachey, a witch that has many stories surrounding how she died and why she died. In this first tale, see the evil and malevolence that years of being a tortured soul can bring down upon those involved in an untimely death.



Man Behind The Mask

This tome features 29 female authors, with ALL proceeds going to breast cancer research. Who’s afraid of the big bad Man Behind the mask…?! The ‘80s brought us the horror genre’s golden period: the best films, directors, cheesiness, soundtracks, and the sexiest scream queens. We especially held the women of those films close to our hearts. Still do. Featuring all-female contributors, stories in The Man Behind the Mask anthology will include ‘80s-style clichés: masked killers, peepers, perverts, toolbox killers, killer clowns, window-watchers, sister-touchers, geeks, cheerleaders, big-breasted women, men with big knifes (to compensate for the size of something else), and, most importantly, heroines. This one’s for you, ladies. It’s a thank you for all the great contributions you’ve added to the beloved horror genre over the years, and it’s sure to be a prick-teasing wet dream for the geeks of yesteryear. The best part? All proceeds will go to breast cancer research! Bolt the doors or run screaming into the woods. The man behind the mask is back, and his chainsaw is revving. ______________ Edited by David Owain Hughes, Veronica Smith, and Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, and featuring the artwork of Kevin Enhart, Man Behind the Mask is coming in October 2016 from publisher Darkerwood Publishing. ToC: Art: Kevin Enhart Table of Contents: Foreword: Linnea Quigley Stephanie Connolly Reisner: Heart’s Desire Dani Brown: Movie Star Alice J. Black: The Travelling Circus Carly Holmes: Club Cruelty Jaime Johnesee: The Best Damn Revenge Lisa Lane: Black Rose Stevie Kopas: Camp Counselors Wanted S. L. Mewse (Stacey Mewse): The Harvest Dawn Cano: Bag Lady Debby Dodds: Killer Times at Ridgeway Mall Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason: Rock, Paper, Scissors D.m. Slate: 24 Lone Pine Lane Fox Emm: Broken Rules Crystal Jeans: Hot Sauce Suzanne Fox (Sue Pass): Original Sin Rose Garnett: Love Will Tear You Apart Charlotte Ros: Ambush Christine Elise McCarthy: Dinner C. A. Viruet (Christinna Viruet): Prom Night A. Giacomi (Alessia Giacomi): Slumber Games Kasey Hill: Scream Campers, I Know What You Dreamed Last Bloody Halloween Briana Robertson: Bloodbath Delphine Quinn: This isn’t the Breakfast Club Kindra Sowderr: Courtesy Call K.M. Cox: Laugh out Loud Rachel Nussbaum: It Takes a Lot of Guts Tamara Fey Turnerr: Put on Your Birthday Face Florence Ann Marlowe (Florence A Marlowe): The Clown Guy

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