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This snippet follows immediately after last week’s excerpt. Callum gives Fiona exactly what he thinks she deserves. Poor Fiona!

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I lost everything, was shipped off to live with an aunt I barely knew, and was put to work cleaning her dilapidated antique shop.
And then, I met Callum.
Or should I say I released him?

I was a socialite with a strong sense of entitlement and a lot of anger.
He was a Dominant genie with a hard body and an even harder hand.
It could never work.
Could it?


Before I could give him a piece of my mind, a resounding smack landed on my legging- covered bottom. “Ow, you mother fucker! Don’t you dare lay another finger on me!” I screamed. He didn’t bother answering. His hand rose and fell over and over, and even though I screamed at the top of my lungs for help, no one came to my rescue. My bottom stung, and my arms shook with fatigue. “Please, stop. I’m going to fall!” I begged.

Miraculously, the smacks stopped, and his hands came to my waist, taking the pressure off my arms. Sighing in relief, I attempted to stand on my own, but remained stuck. “Okay, you can let me go, now. I get it. I have been a bitch. I will apologize and do the work.”

“Oh, I believe you will. However, we are not finished as of yet.”

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