So I really struggled with this one because I could not really identify what it was that was my greatest strength. I asked one of my closest friends what she thought and without hesitation, she replied, “You’re brave. You step outside the box, you have hard conversations, you try new things, you break down invisible walls, you do things that are scary if you know they are right whether it be professional or personal.”

Naturally, I rolled my eyes at her, I am seriously afraid of so so many things, but then I started doing a little research. What I found surprised me. First of all, she was right (she usually is). Being brave really has nothing to do with how afraid I am at any given moment. Being brave means pressing on and defeating that fear. It means doing the things that do not come naturally. This last year I have grown leaps and bounds because I have learned to be brave. So if there is something you are afraid of, if something is holding you back… listen to me… BE BRAVE!!! Do not let life pass you by. You will regret it.


Speaking of bravery, today is the release day of my second book!!! I am so excited. I took so many chances and got out of my comfort zone with this one. I even reached out to some amazing authors for help.


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