Anna loves Jesse but he not ready and Cole ready to start a life of his own he always took care of her and fallen in love with her but all to soon there world crashes down around them. Anna has to pick up her lift start all over all over again.
This is a story about second chances at love.



Love the outdoors and being with my but this is,

My mission is to build love and peace. To build a lifestyle full of love and trust, and to teach you how to do that.
As a mom I wanted my children the true meaning of love and God. Has parent I want to show love, and in doing that is teaching and showing others to do the same.
I wanted to show my voice in different ways in representing different subjects and things. It may be just a book, lesson on a blog, or study it all comes down to one word love.
One of the biggest topics of this world right now. Is something I take personally as the CEO of my company, I will try hard to make a difference in it.
I am head of everything in my company so I am always working ideas to keep my fans and clients happy.
My approach is to always stay calm it is the only way to success, and to stay close to the fans and my clients. I love getting to know them all.
I don’t worry about myself. I worry about my kids and making a difference, and about the people on my team, and the ones I work with. They are all part of my family. My team is what makes it come together.