Mackenzie Kent


I’m a new author writing my first book. I’m also a mom of two wonderful little girls. I have recently been fortunate enough to be in the lifestyle more times than not. I have a wonderful family who I would do anything for. My dream is to write books that connect with readers on a personal level.


Once upon a time, there was a little old woman. She was lonely and all of her children were grown and long since moved away, so she decided to make herself a new little girl to call her own. She got some wood from outside, a pillow case with some stuffing and made her new little girl. Once she was done she laid her creation on the table and went upstairs to enjoy a nice long rest after all that hard work.

The next morning the old lady woke up and went downstairs to make herself breakfast. To her surprise, everything was a MESS! She looked around and could find no sign of someone breaking in. “How odd,” the lady said to herself. Then suddenly there was a little giggle. The woman looked around and couldn’t see anyone. “Who’s there?” Suddenly a little girl no more than 4 feet tall popped out from behind the wall. The old lady was in shock! She rubbed her eyes but the little girl was still standing there. “How in the world…did YOU make this big mess missy? And what is your name?”

The little girl gave a cheeky smile “My name is Jessie and why yes I did make this mess, It was quite fun.” She skipped past the old lady who grabbed her by the arm and dragged her over to the table, sat down and placed the little girl in front of her. ” Well little girls who make a mess must also clean them up.”

Jessie did not like the thought of having to clean up after herself “But I do not want to clean it up, that does not sound like as much fun as making the mess.” The old lady had to resist the urge to roll her eyes and gave Jessie the most serious look. “If you do not clean up your mess, then you will be punished and that is even less fun than cleaning up.” The little girl stomped her foot, folded her arms and began to pout “I will NOT clean up and nothing you do can make me.”

The old lady raised her eyebrow at the little girl “oh we will see about that.” The old lady swiftly pulled Jessie over her knee, flipped up her dress and began spanking her poor unsuspecting butt. Over and over swats rained down and Jessie quickly started begging. “Oh please stop that hurts so bad!” Of course, the old lady didn’t stop instead pulled down Jessie’s panties and began spanking all over including her sit spots “No little girl of mine is gonna act like a spoiled brat. I am gonna be your Mama and show you how young ladies are supposed to act!” Over and over she spanked until Jessie’s bum looked bright red. Jessie jumped up and rubbed her butt trying to put out what felt like a red hot fire on her bum. Still crying her new Mama led her to a corner where there was a little wood chair the perfect size for her naughty bottom. “When you are done you are going to clean up this mess, then I will make us breakfast. We are going to have quite a busy day today. “Yes ma’am” was all Jessie could muster through her sobs.

Once she was let out of the corner and given lots of hugs and cuddles Jessie set to work cleaning up her mess, which was no easy task in the condition her bum was in. Soon enough the kitchen was back to its perfect order and Mama gave Jessie a big hug “Good girl, see that wasn’t so hard.” Jessie rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, and she was rewarded with a swat on her bum in response “No sass from you young lady, you’ve had quite enough trouble for one morning don’t you think?” Jessie squealed in response and rubbed her butt making sure not to growl out her answer “yes Mama I’m sorry.”
So Mama and Jessie got ready to go into town since the old lady didn’t have all the things she needed for a naughty little girl to live with her. The first stop was to Walmart to pick up a new wooden spoon..and some other goodies. Jessie looked around the store at all the different kinds of spoons her mama was holding. “Mama, why do we need another spoon, you have one at home?” Mama bit her lip and waited a few seconds so she could speak without laughing
“This spoon is not for cooking, this spoon is special.”
“Why is it so special Mama?”

Because it’s what I’m gonna spank you with when you’re naughty little girl..or just when I feel like it.”
Jessie gulped and stopped dead in her tracks “You’re gonna SPANK me with these things”
Mama took her hand and pulled her along “Yes, now keep walking we have lots to other ‘fun’ items to pick up today..”
“I gotta bad feeling about this…..”

If Jessie thought she should be worried before she was sadly mistaken. The next aisle they went down was full of Ace bandages, and other items to help aches and pains. If only Jessie knew that something down here was going be causing her a whole lot of pain very soon. She watched her mama look up and down the shelves until she found what she was looking for. Jessie wanted to ask why they needed Icy Hot but after the answer, she got for the spoon she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know the answer and decided to just wait and see.

Jessie started getting hungry and was getting tired of getting all these things that were gonna be used on her butt. “Maaaammmmaaaa can we go home I’m HUNGRY!?”
Calmly Mama stopped and bent down to look Jessie in the eyes “Baby girl please do not whine at me. We will leave soon we just need a few more things for the house then we can go home eat lunch and put you down for your nap” Jessie folded her arms and started whining and mumbling rude things about not having to listen to mama under her breath. “What was that Jessienifer?” Jessie jumped at Mama’s tone and looked down at her toes and shrugged. Mama let out a breath took Jessie’s hand, paid for her few items and quickly walked towards the bathroom.

Once they were alone in the family restroom Mama bent down to look Jessie in the eyes. “Shrugs are not answers young lady.” Jessie’s tummy was doing flips and all she could do was look down at her toes. Mama tapped her chin “look at me..” Biting her lip Jessie looked up and into Mama’s big green eyes.
“Now, are we supposed to throw fits anywhere, but especially in a store?”
“No what?”
Jessie shrugged
“Good girl…but you did so now what do we do?”
Jessie’s tummy was in such a knot she could barely think. She knew she was about to get spanked AGAIN today but she wanted to hold it off as long as possible. “Now we go get some candy and go home?”
“Try again young lady”
Jessie looked at the floor and focused on a spot of dirt. Anything that would distract her from her inevitable fate. Mama saw her and tapped her chin again. “Look at me” Jessie reluctantly looked up again. “I don’t WANT to get spanked Mama!!”
“Well, you should have made better choices than” Mama sat down on the chair that was in there and pulled Jessie over her lap. “Your poor bum..after all that attention it got this morning you think you’d wanna behave.” Jessie blushed bright red and hid her face when Mama pulled down her panties. Mama quickly started firing down swats with her hand hard on Jessie’s still tender bum. Jessie quickly started squirming but suddenly it was over..or Jessie thought it was at least. Mama picked up the evil new spoon she just bought and started raining down swats making Jessie start yelling “Mama please stop that hurts!!”
“It is supposed to hurt. If you want fun spankings then you need to be a good girl, not a naughty little imp” After what felt like forever Mama finally stopped. Jessie let out a sigh of relief when she felt something cool being rubbed on her bum. “Mama, what are you doing?”
“This will help remind you to make better choices for the rest of the day.”
At first, Jessie couldn’t feel anything as Mama helped get her panties and dress back into order and they started heading out of the store. As they walked Jessie started feeling a little uncomfortable, which then started to turn into a burning sensation on her butt. “Mama this stuff burns!” She tried to keep her voice a whisper so no one else would hear her.
“That is the point. It will remind you to behave” Jessie pouted the rest of the way to the car and squirmed uncomfortably. Nothing she did helped relieve the pain. She sat in silence pouting the whole way home.

Once Mama brought everything inside and safely put it out of Jessie’s reach so she wasn’t tempted to hide anything, she started making mac and cheese for lunch. Even though she still wanted to pout, Jessie couldn’t resist smiling about lunch. Mac and cheese is her most favoritest food of all, next to chocolate and ice cream of course. Jessie snuck a pillow from the living room into the kitchen to sit on and patiently waited for lunch. Being a brat is hard work after all and she was hungry. Mama saw what she did but decided not to say anything. She placed a bowl in front of each of them and gave Jessie some juice before she sat down to enjoy their lunch. “After your nap, we can go to the store and pick out things to decorate your room. We can get a new bed, and some blue curtains. Oh and we can get whatever decorations you pick.” Jessie started to get excited about her new room and forgot all about her sore bottom. This was going to be so much fun!