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After stumbling upon twenty-eight-year-old Elizabeth Morton in the South American jungle, Marcus McRoberts learns that she has been surviving in the wild since her family perished in a plane crash two decades ago. Assuming he is an enemy, Elizabeth attacks him, and when reasoning with her fails Marcus follows a sudden instinct, overpowers her, and spanks her bare bottom thoroughly. To his surprise, after her chastisement she rushes into his arms, seeking the gentle comfort he promptly provides.

Marcus brings Elizabeth home, and aided by his friend Jessica, a fellow PhD student who was a childhood friend of Elizabeth, he sets out to prepare her for life outside the jungle. In light of her response to her first spanking, Marcus and Jessica take it upon themselves to provide Elizabeth with the firm discipline and loving attention that she desperately needs, and soon she has begun to blossom as their submissive little girl.

With each passing day their feelings for Elizabeth grow deeper, and before long Marcus and Jessica are showing her all the pleasures that submission to their dominance can bring. But both lust and conflict quickly build between Marcus and Jessica and threaten to tear them apart. Can they find a way to keep their unique household together even as they strive to tame their wild little girl?


Following on the events of Their Wild Little Girl Jessica’s mysterious mentor is revealed to be none other than Lydia Morton, Elizabeth’s aunt. Arriving out of the blue, or so Marcus believes, Lydia decides that the house hold needs one final test before Elizabeth’s big examination at the University. She won’t be testing her niece, however, she’ll be testing Marcus to see if he’s worthy of his girls, his home and his position as dominant.

Secrets, deceptions and mind games abound as Marcus confronts Lydia’s challenges believing that his girls are on his side. The two engage in erotic contests that test his skill and knowledge but something doesn’t feel quite right. Motives seem to change on a dime, whispered conversations are held in every corner and Marcus is left unsure of who to trust. Can his love for his girls carry him through? Is their love as genuine as it seems? Will the household survive Their Meddling Aunt?

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