Coffee House Poets Live Write with Breanna Hayse


Last Saturday, Breanna Hayse and I were invited to do a live write for the Coffee House Poets on Facebook. If you are not familiar with a live write, here is how it works: You get paired with a writing partner, the host chooses a photo prompt and then for an hour you and your partner take turns writing pieces to the story. It is a fun and challenging endeavour. It really stretched me as a writer, but I would not turn down the opportunity to do it again.


Here was our photo prompt:


Fun right?!?!

Check out the story we came up with *grin* This post is definitely NSFW!!!!!


“Hey! What the hell are you smiling about?” I took another swig of the bottle that I ‘appropriated.’ from the King’s liquor closet.
“You’re gonna be in so much trouble.” my sister giggled, meeting me on the stairs.
“Seriously, Lyssa, you need to learn how to chill. What’s the purpose of being a princess in this castle and not have some fun?” I finished off the bottle and leaned against the railing of the grand stairway.
Yea, we’re princesses. Members of the Royal Household of King Stephen’s court. Gag. Anyone who thinks that being a royal is fun needs to get a reality check. The ONLY thing that I get off on is that I have my choice of any prince that walks through the doors- and my favorite was Prince Hanz of Austria. Now HE is royal–from top to bottom. Especially the bottom… yum. He also came from a wealthy country that encouraged their monarch to take two wives and took total advantage when he met HRM Breanna and Allysa Hendridge


“Chill? I do chill! I snuck down here with you, didn’t I? You lied! I thought we were getting more of that cake, not stealing.” I exclaimed in an exaggerated whisper. With the way my sister was banging around, there really was no purpose in trying to keep quiet. The light overhead flipped on causing us both to shield our eyes from the harsh brightness.
“What the actual fuck!” Bree yelled as I fought to get my eyes to adjust. At the top of the stair stood the Adonis himself, Prince Hanz.


“Hey, baby.” I hiccuped, sliding my leg to the side to give him a good look at what I wanted him to see. His eyes grew large as he noticed that I wore no panties between my garter and fishnet covered legs.
I saw him swallow before he glanced at my little sister and my best friend.  She and I were so opposite in everything–color, disposition, responsibility–and we shared everything, including our boy toys.
“Why are you ladies up at this hour? I could have sworn that I heard His Majesty announce that he didn’t want anyone stalking around the halls at night because of the security problems.”
“Since when do I do anything that Daddy tells me to do?” I asked, slipping my sheer robe off my shoulders and showing him my breasts. “I’m such a bad girl, aren’t I?”


I placed my hands on my scantily clad hips and looked back and forth between my big sister and my betrothed. “I told her! But she doesn’t listen to me! Maybe you can talk some sense into her.” *Hopefully, with your belt.* I thought to myself. Ignoring the fact that my sister was stumbling drunk and stripping on the stairs of our father’s castle, I made my way to the top where Hanz seemed to be enjoying the show. “Can’t you do something?” I asked.
“I am doing something; I’m enjoying the view because we both know she is going to pass out and I can’t discipline her in this state anyway. I might as well indulge myself. She will get what’s coming to her. You, on the other hand, Little One. Care to explain yourself?”
I bit my lip and glanced at my intoxicated (and incredibly sexy) sister. I had her to thank for my first sexual experiences and introducing me to Hanz. Bree winked at me and sidled up to our strong, handsome lover. He dwarfed her, standing over 6’6″ and had shoulders that would make an American football player look like a toddler. His green eyes twinkled, framed by unkempt pitch black hair and the amused twitch of his cheek showed a deep dimple. Just looking at him and his long, solid legs made me long to be the one in trouble. I loved being over his lap–almost as much as I loved him fucking me. Almost…
“I-um I noticed Bree left our bedroom and went looking for her. I didn’t want Daddy to find her disobeying him.” I lied through my teeth. “He would take away her credit card for a month!”


“We can’t have that, can we?” Hanz teased with a shake of his head. His eyes moved from Lyssa and her golden hair, sky blue eyes and a smile that could melt butter to me.  “Do you really think I care about spending money when I have all I could want?” I asked, chucking the bottle over the railing and grinning as it shattered on the floor below. I lowered myself slowly to my knees and slowly crawled up the stairs towards our frowning fiance. My naked breasts dangled beneath me, the gold bells of my nipple rings tinkling as I moved hungrily with my eyes glued on the magnificent beast that pressed behind the zipper of his tailored trousers.  Once I reached the top of the stairs, I turned around and wagged my naked ass with an invitation to do whatever his heart (or cock) desired. “Care to join me, sis?”


I watched as my sister expertly seduced the man in front of her. I tried everything I could to emulate that behavior, but I was more likely to get what I wanted by pouting my lip and batting my eyelashes, than I was at turning his attention toward sex. The way that she moved her body was so fluid and mine. just. wasn’t. I looked from her to Hanz before lowering myself next to her. I hoped her plan would work because feeling his displeasure on my ass would be a lot less enjoyable than having him fill me with his cock. A fleeting warning crossed my mind, but I ignored it, as I tended to do when I was following my wayward sister into the Lion’s Den.
I heard Hanz growl deep in his throat at the picture that was laid before him. We were offering him what he wanted and willing to take whatever he decided to give. It was a truly heady experience. Putting my uninhibited trust in the hands of a man had never been something I thought I wanted. Hanz and Bree taught me differently. Now I craved it.


“One of my girls needs to be paddled, and the other one needs to be fucked. Which shall I indulge first?”
“Why not both, big boy?” I asked, rubbing my face against his calf and releasing a loud purr.
“I’m going to start with you,” Hanz announced, glancing around the hall in search of cameras before they landed on me.
“Don’t worry about getting busted, darling. I painted black nail polish over the lenses,” I snickered, backing my ass against his leg to dry hump him from behind. “I really am out of control, aren’t I? Maybe you should slip that belt out of your pants and show me how hard you’ve been practising with it.”
I LOVED to provoke him. Call me crazy (and a little shit-faced), but there was nothing more exciting than getting spanked for misbehaving and then fucked like there was no tomorrow. Hanz reached under me and snatched a nipple ring with his finger and pulled me to my feet. His mouth crushed mine, plunging his hot tongue to dance with mine. He then grabbed a handful of my sister’s hair and did the same, kissing her so hard that I could see her knees wobble. He then roughly shoved both of us against the smoothly oiled bannister and pushed our heads over the edge–forcing our asses to stick out for a taste of his belt.


I should have known! Dammit, I should have known that he was going to tan both our asses. As my belly rested against the cool bannister I tried to keep from pushing my teetering sister over. We should have snuck into his room instead of sneaking downstairs and maybe, just maybe we could have had a more enjoyable evening with him. The sound of his belt being unhooked and sliding through the loops of his pants made my breath hitch and I tensed for impact. I head the belt swish through the air, but when it smacked its target I felt no sting. I heard Bree groan next to me. “She’s enjoying this. That’s not fair!”
“Life’s not fair little girl.” He barely finished the words before the belt was sailing into my vulnerable backside. I squealed and lifted onto my toes, thankful that I still had the cover of my panties. The belt flew again and hit my other cheek. I heard Bree snicker next to me. I glared over at her and watched as she pushed her bottom out further and wagged it enticingly back and forth. Hanz took the bait and landed six solid lashes before returning to me. Each strike had me dancing and tears coming closer and closer to the surface. I noticed he only gave me half of what he gave my masochist of a sister.


We were panting from the exertion of holding ourselves still after the thrashing we received. Hanz muttered something under his breath before snatching another handful of hair from both of us and pushing us to the plush, red carpet.
“On your knees and get your asses high in the air. Show how you bow before your ruler.”
“The only ruler I’ll bow before is the one that measures a good nine plus inches in length and as thick as my wrist,” I said smartly.
He responded by digging his fingers into my hips before aiming the head of his massive cock at my dripping wet slit. It hurt when he fucked me without foreplay–and that was exactly how I liked it!
He plunged inside of me, muffling my delighted scream with his hand. In and out, he impaled me and then drew away to lunge the cock, wet with my juices, into my panting sister. Her eyes were closed as she whimpered joyfully while he sunk into her. As he shared us, we held one another’s hands and smiled. If our engagement was this wonderful, what waited for us once we were married? Yum…


Thanks for having us Coffee House Poets!!!

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