SO Breanna and John Hayse decided that they were going to get a bunch of friends together to write a birthday story just for me. I laughed when I heard. Knowing my friends, my poor character was in for it…. they did not disappoint. *giggle*


Happy Birthday Princess Sugar Britches

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Allyssa Hart. Most of the time, she was very very good, but other time, she was VERY naughty. Of course, she chose the day of her birthday to be naughty because she didn’t think that anyone would spank her one her special day. Boy, was she wrong!

So, first thing in the morning on that faithful Birthday day, Allysa Hart snuck out of bed and went to the royal donut shop. She got a box full of their best pastries but refused to share them with anyone else.

Not sharing is a very naughty thing to do, and Ally knew that as soon as Uncle John found out that she would be in trouble, birthday or not!

Of course, since UJ is all knowing (and all the other subs like to snitch), he immediately started on his way to find her. Fortunately, her sweet and loving mama texted her as a warning that the big, bad Dom was on his way and Ally did what came naturally… she stuck ALL the donuts into the back of her panties!!!

As soon as the last donut was stashed away, he appeared at the door. “Kitty.”

AllyCat’s eyes grew as big as donuts, but she tried to play it cool. “Yes, Uncle John? Did you come to tell me happy birthday?”

Uncle John crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame. “You know good and well why I’m standing here, kitty.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Uncle John.” Allysa lowered her eyes, watching her toe intently as it twisted back and forth on the floor. Maybe, just maybe if she could look as sweet and innocent as possible, she might be able to get out of this. “It is my birthday, you know.”

Uncle John’s gaze was steady. “Your point being?”

Ally looked at Uncle John.”Little girls are princesses on their birthdays and we all know that princesses can do anything they want!”

“So ,you think a princess can do anything she wants. Sorry hon but seems you’re visiting the island of denial again, say hi to the girls there.”

Ally started to squirm. “But it’s my birthday, Uncle John. Don’t I have a get out of jail free card today? Mama said that she gets one on her birthday every year!”

“Now, you have two choices. You can either share those donuts with everyone else, or I can spank your bottom and then you can share them.” John said taking a couple of steps into the room.

Ally looked at the floor and traced the cracks with her toes. “I’ll be good, Uncle John. Just one more chance, k?”

“One more? explain the math how 3 equals one? Well, I can see you decided to not explain yourself so, go get your paddle and bring it to me”
“Uh, no, I don’t think that’s a very good idea. In fact, if you want a paddle, you can get it yourself!” Ally said, stomping her foot.
“Oh, I see seems more than a paddling is needed so you have to the count of 3 to also bring your brush, do I have to remind you what happened last time?”
“Oh, bite me! I don’t wanna and you can’t make me, so there!!!”
“Bad move little one,” UJ took Ally by the ear and easily took her OTK. “Now after I am done with my hand you will bring me the paddle and brush, am I clear ?”
Ally was not about to give up so easily- She sunk her teeth into UJ’s leg and started to kick. Of course, he had NO idea that she still had all those donuts tucked into the seat of her panties….
Uncle john grabbed Ally by the elbow, lifted the hem of her dress, and gave her a hard swat on her panties. All the jelly donuts exploded everywhere!!! Well, once he stopped laughing, he reminded her that nothing hurts worse than being spanked on a wet bottom.
“But Uncle John a spanking on a wet bottom is highly unnecessary don’t you think? I have been such a good girl and working so hard to make you proud. How about we go to build- a- bear and you spoil me instead of spank me?”
Uncle John smiled at his cute, sweet, little kitty and nodded “You’re right, you are such a good girl and good girls deserve to be spoiled. Go clean up and we will go to build-a-bear. you can get any stuffie you want and we will have ice cream for dinner.”
Ally squealed and clapped before running to clean herself up. Dates with Uncle John were always the best. She was so glad that he came to his senses and realized that her angelic self didn’t need a spanking……. *grin* (This SHOULD have been the end, it’s my party, I should have been able to pick how the story ends, right? WRONG! they kept going! Buttheads)

Ally wasn’t paying attention, absorbed in getting the jelly off her back and thighs. So she didn’t see Uncle John step into the bathroom, his belt folded in his hand.

“You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?” He smirked.

Ally jumped at the sound of his voice and then gulped. “Yes?”

“Put your hands on the edge of the tub, Allysa.”

“But you’ll get jelly allllll over your belt and then the puppies will eat it.”

“You let me worry about that, Ally. Do as you’re told and you MIGHT still get to go to Build-a-Bear.”

Allysa Hart huffed. Were birthday spankings really THAT important? With a reluctant sigh, she placed her hands on the edge of the bathtub and bit her lip.

“Good girl.”

She closed her eyes just in time to feel the leather of the belt strike across her wet, jelly and crumb covered butt. She yelped, wanting to say something profane. But using adult language would probably get her more spankings, and right now she was much more focused on getting one of the really cute, expensive stuffies. Maybe even…

The belt struck again, a loud smack that echoed down the hall.

…maybe even with a set of jammies. She finished the thought. Damn. They were just donuts.

Ally tried so hard to stay still, but as the strokes continued, she started to wiggle.
The more she wiggled the harder Uncle John spanked her.
It didn’t take long for her to tire and except her spanking. She needed more energy – those squashed donuts should have been in her belly.
As the last stroke fell Ally sniffed and blew a sigh of relief, but did not remove her hands from the edge of the tub. Looking over her shoulder with the most pitiful face she could muster up, which was not very hard since her bottom kinda hurt. “May I get up, pretty please with sugar on top, Uncle John?”
UncleJohn looked at Ally and his heart melted. “Yes, You may get yourself cleaned up and meet me in the car in 5 mins.”
Ally squealed and went to do as he had asked. “Where are we going get my treats?”
“I suddenly have a taste for donuts .” He walked out the door chuckling to himself.
Thank you to all my friends who came to play or just stopped by to tell me happy birthday. You all contributed to make my day freakin’ fantastic, and I love you for it. THANK YOU!!!