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I have a new friend on Fairy Tale Friday today. Please welcome VE Campudoni.  The last book in his series “Masked Emotions” was recently released. You can purchase the entire series for only $8.95. Seems like a great deal to me!

V.E Campudoni always has a knack for seeing things from interesting and unusual angles and then sit back, relax and enjoy the view. He had written over twenty-five stories from long and short fiction including horror, paranormal, and action-adventure. The BDSM Romance series The “Masked Emotions” is his personal favorite. He lives in Liverpool, N.Y. with his wife and five children. When he’s not writing, he enjoys reading, traveling, playing video games, and spending time with his family. He is also a film enthusiast and a true geek at heart.


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WHO IS DOM 241? He is King of The Looking Glass and Grand Master of the Master’s Society, and it seems everyone is trying to take him down. There is no line he will not cross in order to protect the people he loves. He’s harsh with his enemies, and the Mafia is watching… and waiting… for a signal from him.

Lana Matthews met Dom 241 by complete accident. She wasn’t supposed to be in the club that night and yet, he knew her. He knew parts of her life that only people close to her knew and he used that to his advantage to discipline her and by doing so, he awakened a carnal desire within her. A dark side she never knew existed. A side of herself she yearned to explore.

Enzio Salazar has always been in love with Lana ever since the fourth grade and although he confessed his love to her on countless occasions, she just wanted to remain friends. He’s kind, gentle and a bit overprotective whenever it came to her. She was his drug. One day, Lana discovered that he dabbled in S&M and asked to be his non-sexual sub, but at the same time he has a dark secret that could destroy the very foundation of their friendship and trust.


He was sexy and dominating with hands that made her grip his arms and toss her head back. His intense smile told her everything she needed to know. She was his for as long as he wanted her.

“Turn around and face me,” he spoke as he gently pulled on the leash he had made especially for her.

She was hesitant and nervous. The black leather strap was tied tightly across her eyes as she tried to maneuver her long amber hair away from her ear. She felt another pull coming from the collar around her neck, but this time there was much more force.

“I said turn around!” his voice was sterner and yet somewhat familiar.

“Yes…” she softly spoke.

“Yes, what?” he growled, pulling on the leash again.

“Yes, Master,” she gasped.

“Good, very good,” he praised.

She felt exposed, and she could feel his eyes piercing through her, examining her body. She instinctively tried to cover herself.

“Drop your arms!” he scowled, and she could hear his footsteps as he casually walked around her. She felt his mask lightly touching her left ear. She felt his lips lightly touch hers and she tried hard to kiss him, but he pushed back.


Her back was against the wall, she was naked except for her red satin cloak which partially covered her body. This wasn’t how her day was supposed to end, but as she stared down at her newly naked pet with her chocolate brown eyes, she was so happy that it did. She slowly kneeled down, picking up her lace panties and slowly rubbed them between her crotch, allowing the fabric to absorb as much of her juices as it could. When she was satisfied, she pointed by her foot and he dutifully crawled to her. He let out a smiled and willfully opened his mouth and she shoved her soaked panties into them. He closed his mouth and she couldn’t help but stare into his emerald green eyes. He was going to be hers and that was how she preferred it…


Earlier that day, Karen Ortega was in her room, lying on her queen size mattress with her fingers deep inside her pussy and her clit rubbing in the palm of her hand. She cried out in climax into her pillow, her juices all over her hand as her body exploded. She tried to catch her breath as she pulled her fingers out of her and licked them clean, just another typical start to her typical day. “Red!” her mother shouted, “Red, I need you now!” Karen had always hated that nickname. ‘Red’ her hair was black as the deepest shade of ash, she loved to wear brown lipstick and the majority of the clothes she wore was black. That nickname was given to her because of that damn red cloak her grandmother had given her when she was six-years-old. It was six sizes too big at the time, but she loved that cloak and she wore it every single day to the point that everyone started calling her Red and it stuck ever since.

    “Red!” her mother shouted, “Red, come on!”

    “I’m coming mama!” she screamed as she rolled her eyes, walked into her bathroom, washed her hands and tossed a cotton robe on before running out of her room.

    “Finally!” her mother spat annoyingly from the bottom of the stairs. “Your grandmother not feeling too well and she asked if you could bring her some soup.”

    “Why me?” Red whined, “I have things to do!” it was a blatant lie. Since coming home for summer break from college, all she had done was masturbate and watched porn. It’s not like she couldn’t get a man. She was an extremely attractive woman with ample 36 C breast, long slender legs and an ass that took six months of Zumba to create. The problem was that all the men in her town were the same group of losers that she knew from high school and even though she moved on to the next step of her life. Time had seemed to stand still for everyone else and the last thing she wanted was to fuck down memory lane.

    “Change your plans and go to your grandmother’s now young lady!” her mother shouted “You haven’t spent any time with her since you’ve came back and she had been asking you to come over.” Red rolled her eyes and stomped her feet towards her room. “And wear that cloak she made for you!” her mother added just as the door slammed shut. After a quick shower, she donned a black velour skirt that went just above her knees, white stockings with a matching garter belt, a long-sleeved white shirt with a drawstring neck and black leather buckled boots. She unpinned her hair, allowing the curly, shining strands to fall down her mid back before she ran gel through it to keep that wet look and once she was done – she reached out for the ruby red cloak that her grandmother made for her on her 6th birthday.

    When she ran down the stairs, her mother was already waiting for her with the soup inside a small wicker basket which caused her to cringe. “Really Ma?” she complained while taking the basket from her hands. “Isn’t this a bit too much?” and her mother toss her a scowl which caused her to roll her eyes.

    “After you see your grandmother, I want you to rush through the woods and come straight home.” Her mother ordered, “You know I hate it when you walk in those woods when it’s starting to get dark.”
    “I’ll be fine mom.” Red laughed while looking into her mother’s silvery eyes, but she could tell that wasn’t the answer she was expecting to hear and Red gave in. “I’ll rush through the woods and give you a call when I get there okay.” That caused her mother to smile and with a peck on her forehead, she was off.


    The woods were old, with trees that were there when the town first settled in the late seventeen hundreds. It was filled with deep hollows, still ponds and had hidden caves filled with secrets and hazards. Red knew them all quite well because she explored every square inch of these woods when she was a child and she knew them like the back of her hand. The particular path she had taken this time was her personal favorite. It was filled with late-season fireflies that would float around her and around this time of year the leaves would be changing, covering the trees with shades of yellow, orange, and red. An autumn rainbow for the senses that made her feel like she was walking in the middle of an enchanted forest; even the sky completed the fantasy with its saturated shades of pink and gold.

    In the silence, she heard a twig snap. She stood still, straining all of her senses to pinpoint where it was coming from and then she heard another snap. She carefully walked towards the top of the pathway where she heard several more snapping and stopped short and took a deep breath at the sight of this woodsman. He was darkly handsome and brooding. He was tall, about six feet, to her five-eight. He was shirtless as he was chopping up firewood and all Red could do was stare at his slightly tanned skin blended with his sandy brown hair. Loose strands of his hair perfectly shaped his oval head. Wide emerald green eyes that brought out his natural beauty and his lean cheeks were stubble with a 5 o’clock shadow. Yet, she couldn’t help but stare at his tight muscles and six-pack abs as he just chopped away.

    Red had never seen this man before in her entire life. He was the same age as her and yet for the life of her she doesn’t recognize him from school or anywhere in town and she just stood there for what seemed like hours chopping that wood. She felt her panties getting wet and she bit her lower lip, thinking about this complete stranger taking his stiff cock and ramming it into her tight, hungry pussy. As he continued to chop, she began to slowly move her fingers towards her swollen clit, opening up her pussy, and poked two fingers up inside to lubricate them. Red then leaned back and started to rub her clit in tiny circles stimulating herself, imagining him forcing her against the tree and up on her toes as he slammed his shaft into her. Her other hand went up to her mouth where she sucked on her fingers to get them wet and then proceeded to pinch her nipples hard.

    She glanced around the corner to see him work and smiled as she sank her fingers deep down into her pussy. She cooed sweetly, imagining squeezing his cock with her pussy. She felt radiant throughout her entire orgasm that she let out a cry that was filled with pure lust and he quickly stopped chopping the wood and began to look around. Red hid behind the tree and couldn’t believe what she had just done. “Hello?” he called out and his voice was deep and masculine and it made her want him even more. “Is anyone there?” She took a deep breath and tried her best to clean her hands before she stepped out from behind the tree, which surprised him.

    “Sorry for bothering you.” She squeaked and immediately wanted to smack herself for sounding so immature and childish. He looked at her and smiled, showing her his pearly white teeth and her knees nearly buckled.

    “No bother really.” He laughed while picking up his flannel shirt. “But you shouldn’t be wandering around these woods alone, especially since its getting dark.” Again Red wanted to slap herself in the head. She was supposed to be at her grandmother almost a half hour ago and she would’ve been half way home. Now at this rate, it would be pitch dark by the time she gets there.

    “I’m not wandering.” She snapped and he smiled at her. “I’m heading to my grandmother’s house. She lives up the path.”

    “You’re Emma’s granddaughter?” he laughed as he took a few steps towards her and extended his hand. “I’m Nicholas. Nicholas Wolfe, I just moved into the cabin next to hers a couple of months ago.” His name caused her to smile.

    “A big bad wolf indeed.” She thought while arching her back in order to make her breasts to pop out a bit more.

    “I’m Karen Ortega,” she sighed and she quickly rubbed her chin and took a deep whiff in order to make sure her fingers don’t smell like her snatch before she shook his hand, “but my friends call me Red.”

    “Well Red, it’s getting dark and I could walk you to the cabin if you like?” he asked which caused her to bit her lip once again.

    “No it’s okay, I’ll be fine.” And the second those words escaped her lips she immediately wanted to kick herself. He smiled at her and gave her hand a gentle squeeze before letting go.    

    “Take care Red.” His voice sounded almost animalistic and it shocked him. He looked up into the sky and his eyes widened. Then without another word, he picked up his ax and quickly ran off, leaving Red to wonder what she had done wrong. During the rest of the walk, she began thinking about how he ran away from her. The look of sheer terror in his eyes, but then she thought about how his ass looked in those jeans and she began imagining Nicholas thrusting into her, his hands clutching her ass as well as her tender breasts as he licked and kissed her slim neck, then sucked the skin into his mouth until it turned purple, followed by a bite. Picturing him taking her nipple into his mouth, suckling as though he was a baby before he bit down, hard and his thrust became more frenzied, deeper, and harder and she found herself drowning in the fantasy of pleasure and pain. Red picked up the pace towards her grandmothers. She was going to give her the soup, rush into the guest room and finish off what her fantasy started.

    When she arrived at the cabin her grandmother wasn’t there and she noticed the small note tapped on the door. ‘Was feeling worse than I thought, went for a walk. Maybe the fresh air will do me some good. Just leave the soup on the counter; I’ll stop by the house tomorrow so we can have a talk about punctuality young lady. The spare key is under the green rock in the back door, I should be back late. – Abuela’ this caused her to let out a loud scream in frustration. She knew her mother would not let her hear the end of this, on top of that; she has to deal with the wrath of her grandmother. She began to bitch and moan and was unable to realize the approaching danger behind her, but the low, harsh growl immediately shut her up. She slowly turned around and stared at the glowing, yellow eyes looking back at her as it stepped out of the shadows.

    The wolf was black and it was much larger than she had ever seen before. It was the size of a minivan and it moved with purpose and intelligence that frightened her to the core. She took a step to the right and it mimicked her perfectly. It bared its dagger-like teeth and its growl sounded like a loud engine. She backed away slowly, hoping it wouldn’t come after her, but it took a step forward, trying to anticipate her move. Red knew that she wouldn’t make it to the back of the cabin to get the key. She slowly took out the soup, thinking it was the scent of the chicken broth that lure the creature towards her and tossed it a good ten feet away from her, but it just continued to move closer and closer. Snarling its sharp ivory white fangs at her and she was in a panic.

     Suddenly, an even larger gray wolf shot out of the woods and crashed into the black one and they rolled end over end in the dirt, snarling, snapping and clawing one another. Red tried to slowly move towards the back of the cabin, but the black wolf jumped a number of times to desperately snap at her, only to be pushed back by the gray wolf at every turn. The two beasts snarled and rolled over each other. The gray wolf was injured, but it was bigger and it used its size to its advantage by pinning the black wolf down and crushing the neck with its powerful jaw.

    The gray wolf looked over towards her, jaws dripping red. The other wolf struggled to its feet and limped away, whining and leaving behind a massive trail of blood and yet she couldn’t help but gasp at the wolf’s emerald green eyes. The wolf then fell limp and whined ever so slowly it began to shrink. Red covered her mouth as she stared at an unconscious and naked Nicholas.


    When Nicholas woke up, he was in his bedroom and shocked that he was human. Usually when he changed, he was stuck in that form all night, but somehow he was him again and for the life of him; he didn’t know how. Sadly, his little miracle was short-lived and he could feel the change starting to happen again. He still wasn’t used to it. This would be his third time turning, but at least he was able to mortally wound the wolf that turned him. Personally, he would’ve made the wolf suffered immensely, but saving Red was more important. It was hard to believe that just a couple of months ago he was in the woods, cutting firewood when the black wolf appeared. He ran for his life and it played with him until he arrived at his cabin where it took a good chunk out of his leg before he buried his ax into its hind leg, causing it to run away.

    Nicholas thought he was going to bleed out, but then he saw his calf growing back and soon afterward, he changed. However, he was still conscious. He always thought that it would be like the movies, he would lose himself and the creature took over, but he learned that it was the furthest from the truth. Even as a wolf, he was still conscious which meant the wolf that turned him, knew what it was doing.

    He looked over and saw Red sleeping in his chair. She was indeed a beautiful woman and he was grateful that she helped him back to his home, given the situation. Suddenly, he grasped onto his stomach and let out a harsh painful scream. She got up and rushed to him. “You have to go!” he cried, “I don’t want you to see me like this.” He arched his back and let out another painful scream, but she didn’t leave.

    “Wow, what big eyes you have.” She whispered and she didn’t know what to do in order to try to stop him from changing so she slapped him. He looked at her. He was quite shocked that she hit him… Hard, but he was also surprised that it actually stopped the changed momentarily. “I’m sorry!” she yelled, “I didn’t know what to do and…”

     “Hit me again!” he demanded as he felt the change starting up again.

     “What big ears you have!” she yelled in a panic.

    “Hit me damn it!” he shouted and she slapped him again and again it worked. He smiled at her “I can’t believe that…” suddenly; she kissed him, hard and deep.

    “That was such a turn on.” She purred and she slapped him again and in all honesty, he was getting aroused as well. She stood up and began to strip, removing all of her clothing except for her cloak and leaned against the wall. She slightly parted her legs and shoved her panties into soaking wet pussy. She then pointed at her feet and he felt the need to crawl to her and opened his mouth so she could shove her panties into his mouth and he sucked in the tangy taste.

    He felt the change coming back, but this time she saw it and casually picked up the long cane in the far corner and whacked him on his ass. “Do you like this?” she purred while raising the cane.


    “Yes.” His muffled voice caused her to get wetter.


    “Do you want me to stop?” she playfully asked.


    “No.” he whispered, but she did anyway and walked around, giving him a perfect view of her glistening wet hairless pussy.

    “What a big mouth you have.” She growled as she pulled her panties out of his mouth and he buried his face in her cunt. She looked down and met his gaze as he lapped eagerly at her pussy, running his tongue between the folds of her wet twat and up over her clit. He tried to reach up, but she grabbed his hair and pulled him back. Just so he could see her shaking her head, he complied by placing his hands back down and she shoved his face back into her eager cunt.

    She writhed on his tongue, pushing her body down onto his face, willing his tongue to go deeper and deeper inside her. He was relentless and it brought her to a hard orgasm. She shuddered over him, slicken his lips, nose, and chin with her wetness. Sensing his change coming back she picked up the cane and gave him a firm smack on his back and he let out a low, satisfying moan. “You’ve done this before, haven’t you Red?” he gasped, but she just smiled at him.

    Red placed the cane down and grabbed his belt from the closet door and at first she caressed his exposed ass. “I could wait until the change start,” she seductively said while running the edge of the belt between his cheeks. “Or I could start hitting you now.”

    “Hit me now,” he panted, “Please.” And she began to spank his ass until eventually; his ass was a bright shade of crimson. He could feel that the primal urge to change was completely gone, replaced my pure lust and he preferred this feeling. She grabbed his hair and dragged him onto the bed where she rode him like a woman possessed.

    “My, what a big cock you have!” she squealed as his cocked filled her and Nicholas didn’t know if it the pounding of his manhood into her pussy, or the look of sheer obedience and servitude in his eyes that was making her wilder. This wasn’t love making, this was fucking in its pure primal form; Red moaned heavily every time she fully impaled herself on his throbbing cock.

    Nicholas raised his hips to meet hers and his moans filled the room with hers as the lust for one another. She saw his eyes glowing and she slapped his face with all of her might and the glow diminished quickly. She scratched her nails down his chest, hard enough to leave a mark, but not hard to break the skin as she climaxed. She kept riding him through her orgasm and her eyes met his as he shot his hot cum into her. Slapping his face several more times in the process, he was nowhere near changing, in fact, it was over, but he really didn’t mind. He enjoyed every moment of it. She leaned forward and began her inner muscles and she got him hard once again. After that she really went to work on him strictly for her pleasure. It was indeed a pleasure to him as well. She worked up a sweat and he could see the droplets of sweat glistened on her fair skin. He smiled when a drop formed on her left nipple and fell into his belly button causing a splash that made her smile too and then she slapped him as hard as she could before kissing him and they fell asleep almost immediately.

    A few hours later, they woke up to the sounds of sirens and a woman crying in a loud panic. Red rushed towards the window and saw the police, ambulance and her mother by her grandmother’s cabin on her knees. She got dressed and ran out, with Nicholas not too far behind. When she approached the cabin, her mother ran up to her had given her a tight hug. “Thank God you’re alright!” she cried. “Where were you?!”

    “I was in the cabin next door.” Red confessed, “I was attacked by a wolf and Nicholas saved me and…” Her mother covered her mouth and pulled her closer, giving her a tighter hug.  

     “That must’ve been the same wolf that killed your grandmother.” Her mother whispered and Red eyes widened. “They found her naked a few hundred feet from the cabin with a large bite mark on her neck, she bled out. Oh Red, Grandma’s gone.” Red looked over at Nicholas who had drawn to the same conclusion and she couldn’t believe what was happening. The black wolf who tried to attack her was her own Grandmother. Did she call her over to try to kill her? Or perhaps turn her? Now that she was dead, Red would never know. However, she has a feeling that this was only the beginning.

The End

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