This week our story was written by my good friend Jenny. She is an avid reader and lover of all things related to spanking. She is always there for me and works really hard to promote authors. She is also an amazing researcher and editor. If there is an answer, she can find it. Thanks for always being there for me Jennybean, love ya!


Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a tower. No one was quite sure how it happened. Some said she had angered an evil queen. Others that she wanted to live in the most unusual place possible. Then there were the ones who believed she had a Rapunzel fetish. Regardless, she lived in the tower and never came out.

One day, a dombie walking through the forest came across the tower and saw the girl sitting in the window brushing her auburn hair while lilting songs of fairies and princesses. The dombie’s subbie radar peaked. Her looks and voice were exactly what he was looking for. He could teach her anything else he might desire.

Coming nearer, he circled the tower looking for a door. All he saw was solid stone, no openings except 8 windows at the top.

“Excuse me miss,” he called up. “Are you okay?”

Startled, the girl jumped with a squeal. Her hairbrush dived out the window and clunked the dombie on the head before he could move. Her eyes large, she peered down on his broad shoulders and watched as he rubbed where the hairbrush had hit.

“Um, hi. I’m sorry about that. Will you toss my brush back up, please?”

“First answer my question. Are you okay?”

“Well, aside from being startled half to death I’m fine,” her annoyance evident in her voice. “Now will you please toss me my brush?”

“I can’t throw it up that high miss. How do I get up to you?”

“You have to climb the wall.”

Securing the brush in his back pocket, he scaled the wall with great peril – nearly falling to the ground multiple times.

When they met at the top, it was love at first sight. All the girl’s ire ran away, and he knew he had to have her.

“Come away with me my darling and be my subbie.”

“I barely know you—maybe when we know each other better.”

The dombie continued to visit the girl, each time climbing the tower with peril. He brought a rope which helped his climb on nice days – the rainy days, however, were still treacherous. On those days, he tended to get a rope burn or two.

After a month passed, the dombie once again asked her to come be his subbie. This time she accepted.

While he was ready to leave with her alone, she wasn’t having it. “We can’t leave my things. Not my stuffies and books!”

“It will be difficult getting us down, you can choose one stuffie and one book. The rest stays.”


His eyes narrowed into the feared dombie gaze.

Shaking and not making eye contact, she pushed back a tapestry revealing a door. “We can just go this way. The stairs go to a door downstairs.”

His gaze took on an icy hue. “A door downstairs?”

Her eyes grew big right before he tossed her over his lap and bared her bottom.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the stairs?” he asked, his voice low and measured.

“Because that would take away from the whole stranded in a tower thing,” Sassy sarcasm saturated her voice. “In case you didn’t notice, you can’t see it from outside. It’s only there for emergency purposes. It’s not actually supposed to be used.”  

“Oh girl, you have no idea how to behave while over someone’s knee do you,” amusement tinged his dark tone.

Somewhere among the stinging slaps, she heard phrases like “endangering my life,” “color of the sunset,” “not sitting,” “irresponsible behavior.”

Finally, he stopped. She was a mess of hot pain, panting breaths, and tears.

“How many steps in the staircase?”

“Ummm 320 something I think,” she sniffed.

“We’ll say 330. Count them.”

330 spanks later, he finished and cuddled her in his arms.

After she had calmed, they went down the stairs with all her stuffies and books and lived happily ever after.