Please help me welcome Delia Grace and her new book Affirming Antoinette.

Delia Grace is a mid 30’s hopeless spanko and voracious reader. Married for over seven years to the first man who ever dated, spanked, kissed, or etc etc her (in that order – wink wink) she is grateful to have a real-life fairy-tale and knight in shining armor to use for inspiration in her writing. She has spent her entire life within an hour of Washington, DC, but loves to travel and meet like-minded individuals and uses all of her spare time and funds to do just that.

Affirming Antoinette: Book Two in the Jackson Tribe Series. Find book 1, Beautifying Bernadette here.



Affirming Antoinette

Toni Moreau has spent the last decade trying to keep her head above water. Her formative years had been spent in and out of foster care. So far, her adulthood was a matter of basic survival and as far as her experiences with romance—well, they were simply non-existent. She has decided that the only person looking out for Toni is Toni. And, the only way to protect herself is to avoid all emotions and be the most mature grown-up she can be.

Judah Jackson has other ideas however. He sees a beautiful young woman who needs help blossoming into the creative and carefree girl who has been locked inside.

Will Toni be able to trust this man? Will his goals to allow this young woman to reclaim her lost childhood be the key to unlocking her full potential? Or will the wounds be so deep they quench out the flame that burns within?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and deals with the serious issues of self-harm in regards to cutting and suicide. There are elements of age play including therapeutic regression. If any of these are triggers for you or offend you in any way, please do not purchase this book.


She skipped down the stairs twirling her pigtail with her finger. Her skirt was swishing back and forth, the crinoline causing it to have a mind of its own. “What’s for breakfast, Uncle? I’m starved!”

He laughed. “Is that how we ask for breakfast, little girl?”

She grinned cheekily. “It’s how I ask for breakfast.”

His eyebrow quirked, and his face looked sterner. “Try again, Nettie.”

Nettie bit her lip, sighed, and furrowed her brow in response. “Uh-uh. I jus’ want breakfast. I don’t wanna practice manners.”

He knelt on the floor in front of her so they were almost eye to eye. “If you don’t practice your manners, then you’re going to practice sitting in the corner. Try again.” Her tummy flipped, and she hesitated a moment, then let out an ear-piercing scream. He stood, tossed her over his shoulder, flipped her dress up, and brought his hand down hard across her panty covered bottom. His large hand covered her entire little butt, and one smack was all it took to make her close her mouth and then gasp for breath, effectually stopping her short-lived tantrum. “You will take some time to think about appropriate behavior, little girl.” He set her down on the small pink stool in the corner facing the wall, then put his hand under her chin and looked into her eyes firmly. “What happens if you get up, little one?”

She swallowed and pouted her lip. “I get a spankin’.”

He nodded. “That’s right. So stay there. I will set the timer. I expect a sweeter girl when I come back.” She crossed her arms, worried her lip, and faced the corner. He set the timer on his phone and looked at his little girl. He had never felt prouder in his entire life.



“And the prince and the princess lived happily ever after. The end…”

Toni leaned against the door frame and smiled happily. Her happiest place was listening to her husband, Judah, reading to their little girl Amelia. She heard him getting off of Amelia’s bed, so she raced back to the room they shared. While he had been reading to Amelia, she had changed into her footie pajamas and braided her hair in two stubby pigtails that stood almost straight out. She was almost completely transformed into her littler side, Nettie. Her happiest place might be watching him be a father to Amelia, but having him be Daddy to Lil’ Nettie was her safe place. She quickly jumped into their bed and covered her head with the covers. Judah had promised a Daddy and Nettie night, and she wanted to be ready when he came in.

With her eyes scrunched shut she felt him sit on the bed and he started tickling her through the blankets. “Oh Lil’ Nettie… Are you in there my sweet girl? Maybe I better tickle – here!” He began tickling her knees. “Or – Here!” He moved onto her tummy. “Or maaaaybe…. “ He pulled the blankets down and started nuzzling her neck with his beard. He knew it was her weakness. She shrieked and laughed, squirming and trying to get away, but his grip was tight.

“Daddy Stop!! Stop!! I’m gonna pee myself!” She had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard and tried to catch her breath.

He kissed her first on one cheek and then the other, then got her nose, and finally her forehead. “You look adorable, little girl. What would you like to do with Daddy tonight?”

She folded her arms and gave him a serious look. “You’d better tell me a bedtime story. You gave ‘melia one, so it’s only fair.”

He laughed. “It’s only fair, huh? Well, what story would you like?”

“Sleepin’ Beauty! She’s my favorite. But I want a looooong story. Not short. And I want ‘ventures! And scary stuff!”

He wiggled his eyebrows. “Scary stuff like spankings?”

Her eyes got as big as saucers. “That might be too scary for an innocent lil’ mind like mine. No spankins. Ever!”

He laughed. “We’ll see…”

He laid down on the bed and pulled her against him, with her cheek against his chest, and one hand absentmindedly stroking her hair.

“Once upon a time -”

“In a kingdom faaaaaaaaar far away!”

He gave her a mild look. “Who’s telling this story, little bit?”

She sighed. “You, Daddy. Go ahead. I’m just trying to help.”

“Well, if you would rather tell it…”

She covered her mouth with both hands. “Mmm-mmm! You! Please!” She pretended to lock her mouth and throw away the key and laid herself back on her Daddy’s strong chest.

“Ok, like I was saying… Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away. There lived a good King and Queen. They were very kind people, and benevolent to their subjects. They always made sure everyone had enough to eat and drink – and especially made sure they had enough sugar and dessert.”

Nettie smiled approvingly.

“The only bad thing in their lives was that the queen was unable to have a child. They tried and tried and prayed and prayed – calling the wisest doctors and midwives, taking the most potent potions, saying the most intricate spells, but nothing seemed to fix the problem.”

Nettie gave a mischievous smile. “Maybe they shoulda tried having sex.”

Daddy let out a belly laugh and playfully swatted her pajama-clad bum. “Alright, sassy girl, you stay quiet.”

Nettie put both of her hands over her mouth and looked at him doe-eyed.

“Now, where was I? Ah, yes. They couldn’t have a baby. Well, one day, months after they had decided that children were not in the cards for them a haggard old woman showed up at the gates of the castle insisting that she needed to speak with the King and Queen. The guards finally sent a messenger up to the royal quarters, and the King and Queen said to send her in. She walked in clothed in rags, with a hunchback, and greasy gray hair.

“Dear Grandmother, can we assist you with something?” The King asked politely.

“No, but I can help you. I have heard of your barren womb and great desire for a daughter. I have a child here, a girl child, and she is your’s if you want her. Her name is Aurora Katherine. She was born to a woman in my village a fortnight ago, but her parents were massacred, my village ransacked, and she, me, and my son were the only survivors. The only stipulation for her becoming your’s is that she marry my son on her 18th birthday.”

She then reached behind her and revealed that her hunchback was two children. A tiny baby with a full head of fiery red hair and a toddler with raven black hair and dark eyes. The toddler held the baby very protectively. His black eyes glinted fiercely, and he held the baby tightly to himself.

The Queen began to cry and fell to her knees. “We will do anything for the child. And, we can set you up in a house with servants and everything you could ever need. You will want for nothing.”

The King nodded. “Anything you need.”

The woman seemed to consider this. “That would be greatly appreciated. But, what I said about her marrying my son on her eighteenth birthday still stands. If she is not ready to be wed on that day, a great blackness will befall the kingdom.” She held out a contract and the King and Queen hastily signed.

The King told his right-hand man to find the woman and her son dwellings and set them up with a monthly stipend and servants and the best tutors and anything they might need.

The King and Queen held little Aurora and wept thanking the heavens for their newborn child.

Aurora thankfully had a very sweet and kind disposition because she was spoiled beyond any child’s wildest dreams. She did not learn how to walk until her second years because her feet never touched the ground. She was carried everywhere. Bought the most luxurious clothing and toys, fed the finest of foods – as much candy and desserts as she wanted, and never heard the word no.

She had several ponies, pets of all types and sizes, only learned the subjects she was interested in, ate when and what she daned, slept when and where she wanted, which was most often her parent’s massive bed, and basically lived a life of complete catering to her every whim and desire. She never knew a moment of sadness or hardship.

Her parents emulated kindness, manners, mercy, and caring for others, so she picked up on those things and was a very generous, kind, and grateful child. But, no one had ever tested her will because when you’re given everything your heart desires, almost before you know you desire it, there is no need to be willful.

The only problem with the princess was that she was quite frail. When everyone does everything for you all the time, you never develop any muscles.

One day, when she was thirteen, she decided she wanted to go exploring in the woods. Her servants dressed her in soft, but thick, leather, so that nothing would scrape or mar her. Her nursemaid braided her extraordinarily long hair so that it wouldn’t get snagged or mussed. Her quartermaster prepared her most resilient pony, and she set off for the woods with her entourage. Not too long into their journey, they came across a young man who was gathering wood. Aurora smiled at him. “Hello, sir. Are you a servant for the castle? I haven’t met you yet. My manservants would be happy to help you do your tasks it looks like hard work.” She had never felt this fluttery feeling in her tummy before, but something about his raven black hair and dark eyes made her tummy do funny things, and her heart beat faster.

The young man shook his head. “No thank you, milady. I am gathering wood for my mother. And, no one is to do it except for me.”

The princess looked confused. She had no concept of wanting to work. “But, it will go faster if you let my manservants help, and then you could play with me.”

The young man gave her an amused smile. “I don’t really have time to play with you milady. I have a lot of work to get done.”

The princess pouted. “I need you to play with me, though.”

The young man quirked an eyebrow, but still smiling said. “Then, why don’t you come help me do my work? I will make an exception for you, milady. Do you have a name?”

The princess considered this and then hopped off of her pony. “Okay! That seems like a delightful deal. And, my name is Aurora Katherine. I’m the princess of this land. I’m special because my parents couldn’t have children and then a magical woman brought me to them.”

The young man smiled, for her already knew all of this, but wanted to hear her account. “My name is Damien. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Her servant’s tried to rush in to make sure she wasn’t exerting herself, but Damien quietly took charge and taught her how to collect kindling for his pile. Then, after they collected enough wood, he showed her how to find herbs for his mother’s recipes, and then where to find the best berries to pick for his mother’s pies. He didn’t chide her at all when more of the berries went into her mouth than the basket.

When dusk hit he instructed her to go back to the castle, and told her if she cared to come back, he would meet her here the next day.

And they did. Day after day Aurora worked alongside Damien, she quickly grew brown from the beautiful rays of the sun and stronger and stronger in her body as Damien taught her how to live off of the land and do hard work she could feel good about. They formed a strong bond. Damien made sure to always keep things proper and treated their relationship more as pupil and teacher. But every day Aurora’s girlish crush grew stronger and stronger until there was no one in the kingdom she loved and trusted more than him.

As the years passed, and their bond grew, Aurora kept waiting for the day when he would introduce her to his mother, and ask her to live with him forever. But, that day never seemed to come. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, her parents informed her that this was her last night of girlhood and tomorrow she was to marry the son of the woman who had brought her to them. She had a fit. She raced to Damien and sobbed to him her parents’ plans. He kissed her head and told her to trust them and be obedient. She had a massive fit and clawed at him and spit on him and screamed at him. Telling him that she would never speak to him again. He sadly handed her to her servants and told her that until she was ready to trust and obey that he could not work with her anymore. Her servants took her home and put her to bed. She wept bitterly and made herself ill with exhaustion. The next morning the servants tried every trick they had, but she refused to get out of bed. The old lady showed up at the gates, not looking a day older or younger than the last time she had appeared, and the King and Queen welcomed her in.

“We apologize dear Grandmother, but our daughter has taken ill and refuses to be wed.”

The old woman shook her head sadly. “Then a blackness will cover your kingdom. If you had only prepared her for obedience and goodness, this might not have happened.” She left quietly, and the King and Queen rushed to Aurora’s room, but she was merely asleep. They fell to the sides of her bed relieved, kissing her face and hands. When dinner time rolled around they tried to wake her and could not. The next morning they tried to wake her and could not. The next night again they tried to wake her and could not. News quickly spread throughout the kingdom that their sweet princess had fallen into a deep slumber and could not be awakened. A blackness covered their hearts at the idea that their sweet princess was unable to wake up.

Person after person tried. The quartermaster brought her sweetest pony, the cook brought her sweetest dessert, the nursemaid brought the most enticing toys; the florist bought the most beautiful flowers, but nothing could awaken the princess. Prince after prince from neighboring lands came and kissed her all over. Some of them even in places that no self-respecting prince would kiss in a fairytale, but to no avail. A few months into the princess’s slumber her manservant shouted “Damien! Maybe if we get Damien, he can break the spell!” He rode off into the woods as quickly as he could and found the young man and explained their predicament. Damien did not look surprised. “I was wondering when someone would ask me.” He hopped on his horse and followed the man servant back to the castle.

Calmly walking up into the princess’ room he sat on the side of her bed and brushed her hair out of her face. “My love, if you had only listened you would have been spared this ordeal, and I would have been spared the months away from my love. The light of my life. My reason for breathing.”

He kissed her face gently, and everyone held their breath. They were bitterly disappointed when nothing happened.

He tenderly touched her translucent skin and malnourished body, rubbing life back into her limbs. Again, everyone held their breath… and nothing happened.

He gently lifted her up out of bed and carried her over to a chair, sitting upon it hee laid her face down over his outstretched knees. He carefully lifted her nightgown and rubbed her pearly white posterior.

The King started to rush into the room, but the Queen silently implored him to wait.

The young man with the raven hair and dark eyes began to spank her virgin bottom. Softly at first and then harder and harder until each swat sounded out like a gunshot across the castle. The awestruck crowd watched as her bottom went from lily white to crimson pink and then a cherry red. Just when the King was ready to tear away from the Queen and rip the young man limb from limb they heard a sound no one in the castle had ever heard before. The Princess was crying. Wailing really. “Oooooooooow!!!!!” She was kicking her legs and wildly flailing her arms trying to get away from the monster who held her captive, but he calmly continued his assault on her little bottom. “Calm down my love. You need this. You’ve needed this for years.” Hearing his voice, she turned her tear-stained face towards him and melted into submission. “Damien!”

“Damien?” The King and Queen looked at each other in shock and then at the servants. “That’s the young man she was to marry on her birthday. Are you telling us that is the young man she has been seeing for the last five years?” The servants nodded, and thought to themselves if her parents have more involved in her comings and goings they might have bypassed this entire thing. Since apparently the man she was in love with and the man she was to wed were one and the same.

Damien lifted her into his lap, and she clung to him weeping bitterly. “That was horrible!! I could hear everything going on around me, but I couldn’t open my eyes. That was the most boring awfullest thing ever. It was like the longest corner time in the history of the world!!” Damien laughed. “What do you know about corner time, my love?” She grinned at him obstinately. “I’ve seen it I’ve just never done it.” “Well, you will now, my love. Lots and lots. And spanks. And soap and… “ “Sex! We are going to have SEX!” Damien laughed out loud. “Yes, lots and lots of sex.”

The Princess wed the love of her life that night, and they conceived on their wedding night, triplets no less, apparently her genes had no infertility. And they had many servants to help, but made sure their children grew up working hard and hearing no a lot.

And the Princess spent many hours in corners of her new home, but countless more in the arms of her love. And they lived happily ever after. The End.”

Judah smiled at his sweet angel fast asleep on his chest. He kissed her tenderly and held her close until he too was asleep.

The Real End.

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