Adopting Katie is here!!! Have you read it yet? How about left a review??? If you have done either or both of those I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all have helped me make a lifelong dream come true and I am humbled by the response and support that comes pouring in. I am currently writing a prequel and sequel to Katie, so this is not the end of her story.

Here is a sexy playful bit between Katie and Marc that shows a little bit of their “big” dynamic.


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Tossing her onto her bed, he removed her sandals and began to kiss each one of her toes. “You had a French pedicure? You know what it does to me.” He growled, making his way up her smooth legs with a touch so gentle that it caused her to squirm and coo. The tickling was followed with tiny kisses that stopped when he reached her skirt.

Standing, he put a hand on the back of his neck as though contemplating the next move. “All of these clothes are in my way, and I think that it’s time they came off. Now, where do I begin?”


FOREWORD BY #1 Best Selling, Multi-Genre Author Breanna Hayse-
“Every now and then, the literary world is touched by a new talent that has the ability to both change your heart and lift your spirit. This author hits the mark on what the dynamic truly represents and I so proudly recommend this book to any who embrace the love of natural ageplay and desire a realistic view of what the lifestyle means to so many who practice it. Today, I hand over the crown to Ms. Hart as the new queen of contemporary ageplay and am truly excited to see what else she has in store for her readers in the near future.”

“If you ever put yourself in danger like that again, I will take you over my knee and spank your little bottom until I am convinced you have learned your lesson… How does that promise make you feel? Because make no mistake about it, Baby, it is definitely a promise.”

A successful CEO by day, Katelyn looks forward to the minute she crosses the threshold to shed all of her adulthood stress and worries and become a carefree, mischievous little mess maker. Her husband and Daddy, Mark, is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that she has ever met. His dominance turns on all of her switches, but she learns quickly that he means what he says and testing Daddy is not in her backside’s best interest.

Mark is not alone in his endeavor to create a safe and loving environment for Katie. His best friends, Keith and Rose, round out their little family. Being intimately familiar with alternative lifestyles, the couple love and spoil Katie in abundance, but never think twice about turning her bottom red if she steps out of line.

Surrounded by her loving Daddy and adoring Auntie and Uncle, Katie learns that the love, safety, and guidance of this family are what help to make her feel complete. Exploring the little girl who lives inside, the one that she has hidden for far too long, she spends her time building elaborate Lego structures and playing in her special tree house that Mark built by hand.

When tragedy strikes, Katie’s idyllic life is shattered and it takes all of the love, support, and discipline of her family to pick up the pieces and put them back together. However, will love and spankings be enough? Katie is not convinced. She doesn’t believe anything will ever be okay again.

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